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RB Hall returning to USF

For Bulls fans, it's the news they were hoping for: Andre Hall is returning for his senior season at USF.

"I have made my decision, and I'm going to come back," said the 5-10, 205-pound Hall, who set the Bulls' single-season rushing record with 1,357 yards as a junior. "I made a commitment to South Florida to play for two years, and I'm a man of my word."

Hall, a Dixie Hollins graduate, had submitted his name to an NFL advisory board for underclassmen to get a better sense of where he would be selected if he entered the April draft, saying he would strongly consider leaving if he would go in the first three rounds. Hall said he made up his mind even though he hasn't heard from the league.

"I didn't even wait on that. I want to lead this team to a winning season next year," he said. "Hopefully I'll be able to go higher in next year's draft, maybe even the first round."

USF coach Jim Leavitt said he was pleased with 22-year-old's decision, though he always felt he was coming back for another year with the Bulls.

"Obviously, we want Andre Hall back. He's an outstanding running back," Leavitt said. "That's great, but I don't know that I ever really thought he was going in that direction."

_ GREG AUMAN, Times staff writer

Times staff writer Antonya English contributed to this report.