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Today is National Trivia Day, declared by the people who do Trivial Pursuit (the board game, not us). So we decided to do our part and round up some trivial information with which to start the year.

IF THIS DOESN'T GET THAT "FULL HOUSE" REUNION SHOW OFF THE GROUND, NOTHING WILL: Vacationing at Disney World over the weekend were co-stars of the immortal series, from left, Mary-Kate Olsen, John Stamos and Ashley Olsen.

Trivial point to ponder: Did they Trivial point to ponder: Did they have to pay for anything, given that Full House ran on Disney-owned ABC and lives in reruns on ABC Family?

AND THIS NEW YEAR'S EVE HE'LL FIND A MISSING PERSON LIVE IN TIMES SQUARE IN ONE HOUR! The battle of the New Year's Eve TV hosts had a clear winner: Anthony LaPaglia.

A 10 p.m. rerun of LaPaglia's Without a Trace on CBS, up against NBC's New Year's Eve preshow with Carson Daly and ABC's Dick Clark's Primetime New Year's Rockin' Eve with Regis Philbin and not Dick Clark, was Friday's most-watched show, reports.

When it comes to shows that actually were about New Year's Eve, Philbin attracted twice as many people as Daly, says.

Trivial point to ponder: CBS was the only network among the big three that did not have special New Year's Eve programming.

MUSIC WITH MEANING, PROBABLY: Sheryl Crow says she will release two albums this year, an "artist" record and a "pop" record.

How will you, the average record buyer, be able to differentiate the two?

The "artist" record "probably . . . will never get any airplay" and "lyrically probably has heavier content," Crow tells

Also, the songs will be ones, "I feel compelled to write," as opposed to ones that are overproduced, sound good on the radio and make her tons of money.

Trivial point to ponder: Will the love songs she says she has been inspired to write by Tour de France-winning boyfriend Lance Armstrong be artsy or poppy?

THE BAD TWINS: Who better to host an hourlong salute to genetic engineering, plastic surgery, and smoke and mirrors _ CBS calls it a look at celebrity beauty secrets and style tips _ than two people who look like the result of a cloning experiment gone tragically awry. Steven Cojocaru, left, and Lara Spencer host Red Carpet Confidential at 8 tonight on WTSP-Ch. 10.

Not-so-trivial point to ponder: Why? Why? Why?

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