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Egg wash for high gloss

Published Aug. 24, 2005

What is an egg wash and how do you make it?

An egg wash is simply egg and water beaten together. When brushed over pastry or bread before baking, it gives the finished product a deep gloss. To make an egg wash, combine 1 egg and 1 tablespoon water and beat with a fork. An alternative is to brush the pastry with milk, which also deepens the color and gives the pastry a shiny finish. To further gild the lily, sprinkle the top crust of a pie with sugar after brushing it with milk or the egg wash.

Flour works wonders

Sometimes my pie crust sticks to the bottom of the pie pan and has to be scraped out. What causes this and how can it be prevented? Should the pie pan be greased?

The filling may have leaked through a tiny tear in the crust, or you could have patted the dough into the pan too firmly. In any case, you can prevent the crust from sticking by lightly flouring the bottom of the disc of dough before fitting it into the pan.

No castor? Try superfine

What is castor sugar? Is there a substitute?

In this country, castor sugar is available mostly in specialty food stores. Widely used in Great Britain, it has a fine texture somewhere between granulated and confectioners' sugar. Superfine sugar is a good substitute. It is sold in 1-pound boxes in many supermarkets.