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Hyslop's fairness will be missed

Re: Judge's 15-year tenure comes to an end, Jan. 3 Times.

With Judge Peyton Hyslop, anybody could be a Jim, Joe or Sue. It was Hernando, not just some county. It was treating everybody with respect no matter what bad hand life had dealt them.

It was Peyton Hyslop who balanced the overcrowded jail system by not forcing the building of additional space with releasing suspects on their own recognizance. I wouldn't want his job, and I bet Reader's Digest wouldn't either.

Hernando County will be better for the public service that Peyton Hyslop (a workaholic) has given. The salt-and-pepper beard and that easy smile will be missed. But most of all we will miss the fairness and the natural balance he invoked.

The word Peyton will be associated with great accomplishments, whether in the National Football League or the Hernando County courtroom.

Conrad Hunter, Weeki Wachee

Swiftmud's complaint

just makes you wonder

Re: Mediation is the goal, but line spacing gets in way, Jan. 2 Times.

Regarding the article on Weeki Wachee Springs and the Southwest Florida Water Management District trying to work out their tenant-landlord differences, I could not believe that Swiftmud filed a complaint with the 5th District Court of Appeal, complaining that Weeki Wachee Springs' petition was 1{-line spaced instead of double-spaced.

It makes you wonder how determined Swiftmud is to work out their differences.

John Gluch, Spring Hill

Yes, TV ads annoy, except

for that gecko and duck

Re: No respite from TV ads run amok, Jan. 4 guest column.

As my husband and I read the column by Jack Bray, we entirely agreed with him until we came to the last paragraph.

In our estimation, the Geico lizard and the AFLAC duck are the best ads on TV.

Shirley Williams, Spring Hill