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Lisa Urgo / Springstead guard

When the Springstead Eagles started out this season, they were "10 kids who happened to go to school with each other and happened to all like basketball," guard Lisa Urgo said. Now, even though the Eagles were 0-7 entering Tuesday night's game against South Lake, they are a much different team. Credit Urgo for some of that. As the only senior, she has been the most vocal leader for the young and fairly inexperienced Eagles, and a lot of others are chiming in. Urgo went one-on-one with staff writer Emily Nipps to talk about her squad, bum knee and one true passion: ice hockey.

Do you think you'll get the chance to see the Eagles improve before you graduate?

I kind of feel like we're on a two-year plan, and it (stinks) that I won't get to see the end of the two years, but I know it's going to take time. We learned a lot of new stuff over the holidays, like five or six new plays. Hopefully, we'll be able to pick it up. I think next year it will pay off.

What do you do besides go to school and play basketball?

I'm really into sports. Growing up, my biggest sport was hockey. I still love it. I'm still always out there messing around with a stick. I also got into golf and played for Springstead my sophomore and junior year, but I decided to just stick with basketball this year.

Do you still play hockey?

I stopped a few years ago after too many injuries. I still go to (Springstead's club) hockey games every Friday night if I don't have a basketball game.

What position did you play?

Goalie. I've played a little bit of everything, though. I started out just playing in my driveway with my brother and two cousins, then we all joined teams and played in leagues. One of my teams needed a goalie, so I said I'd play goalie. Goalies are different. You have to be the quiet, focused one on the team.

Who is your favorite NHL goalie?

Patrick Roy (formerly of the Colorado Avalanche). He's been my favorite player forever. I love that guy. I have all kinds of autographs from him, but I haven't met him. When the Avalanche played the Lightning, I was at every game.

What do you want to do after high school?

I definitely want to go to college. I've already been accepted to USF, and I'm waiting for a reply from UF. I really don't know where I want to go, but it will be one of those two. I want to study pre-osteopathy.

Why osteopathy?

I've always been interested in medicine, just from getting hurt all the time with hockey. I eventually might want to go into sports medicine and work with athletes. I know some colleges have women's hockey teams, so I might want to work with one of those teams.

What kinds of injuries have you had?

Just a bunch of little stuff, and then I broke my arm playing goalie. I also screwed my knee up real bad. I had two or three MRIs done to see what they could do about it, and then I had surgery on it. They said I had torn medial meniscus tissue and there wasn't much they could do about it. So basically, they didn't fix anything.

Where would you eventually like to live?

I've always wanted to go to Colorado because of the Avalanche. I'd love to live in Denver. I'd also like to go to Canada, but maybe later, like for post-graduate school.

Have you ever been to Canada?

No. I wish. I've never been to Colorado, either. I just love it. I've never been anywhere.

What is the one dream you have that seems totally unattainable?

The one thing I'd like to do is play hockey forever. My ultimate dream is to play for Team USA, the women's national ice hockey team.