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Doctors' ploy for revenue is unacceptable

Editor: In the scenario of a repairman or heating/air conditioning person coming to your home and inventing problems you don't have to enrich his revenue, he could be charged with a crime.

Yet, as recently suggested in the news media, doctors who might have performed flawed or unnecessary medical procedures to enhance his or a hospital's revenue can remain unidentified although recent changes to the Florida Constitution suggests they could be exposed and/or identified.

This nonsense suggests more value is placed on inanimate projects than that of humans. If in fact the reports are true, that injuries and unnecessary medical procedures are performed for greed, not need, then accountability is required, the sooner the better.

D. De Poalo, Hudson

Teacher remembered for

her kindness before death

Re: It's difficult to make sense of teacher's tragic death, Dec. 28 letter

Editor: Kim Delancey's death makes no sense, no murder of innocence does. I didn't know Kim, the teacher, but I was blessed to know Kim in her childhood years.

Her career choice makes sense. She was the sweetest and one of the most caring children I have ever known. She attended the Latchkey program at Richey Elementary where I was a group leader. In her group was a special-needs child named Russell. Kim was one of several children who took the time to help Russell participate in the group's activities. And now to find out that she continued that into her career is so special.

But to find out that a lifetime of giving to others was ended by such a selfish, evil act is never going to make sense. Even justice will not give meaning to the loss of Kim.

We can only pray that Kim's family, friends, co-workers and students will find peace in knowing that Kim is being rewarded in ways that we never could. Her spirit touched my heart so many years ago, now her memory will inspire me to continue my work with young people.

Steve Miller, New Port Richey

Proper attire at funerals

does not include flip-flops

Editor: I must be getting old. What happened to dress codes in church and attending funerals?

Now, it's shorts, thongs on the feet known as flip-flops, and flowered shirts _ even at immediate family funerals! It seems like total disrespect and taking on the attitude of the Kenny Chesney song No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems. Makes me sick!

Mary Voiles, New Port Richey

Best ads on TV showcase

AFLAC duck, Geico lizard

Re: TV ads run amok, Jan. 5 guest column

Editor: As my husband and I read this column by Jack Bray, we entirely agreed with him until we came to the last paragraph.

In our estimation, the Geico lizard and the AFLAC duck are the best ads on TV.

Shirley Williams, Spring Hill

Owner's greed will hurt

fixed-income residents

Editor: We, the people in Harbor View Mobile Home Park, are being ripped off.

A huge rent increase is just plain greedy. Most of the people in the park are on fixed incomes. Social Security went up a bit but so did Medicare. These people work hard to keep their homes looking nice. I can't understand a man with so many parks being so money hungry.

Many people have a hard time with rent, medicine and food. What will they have to give up to pay such a large rent increase?

We are already paying what they call a pass through, which amounts to $325 every March.

Lois and Bill Mitchell

New Port Richey

Rent hike unnecessary

for mobile home park

Editor: We live in Harbor View Mobile Manor on Louisiana Avenue in New Port Richey. The owners, MHC, are raising our rent from $248.61 to $337 a month. This is exorbitant.

The owners want to classify us as a five-star park. We have a main street (Louisiana) running through here. We have no heated pool, no security gates, no saunas or pool tables, etc. that their five-star parks have.

We are required to pay their real estate taxes also.

This is a 55-and-older senior park. Most of our residents are on Social Security and can't afford the increase or to move.

Mary E. Andrews, New Port Richey