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Robinson should resign commission seat, run under GOP

Published Aug. 24, 2005

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times:

Editor: Shame on you, Nancy Robinson.

The Republican Party has pulled another fast one, snatching Hernando County Commissioner Robinson into their fold! The party that produced Zell Miller as its poster boy for the 2004 presidential election is at it again. I have seen no sound reason for this switch, so I can only surmise it is for political expediency.

I have been a Democrat my whole life, although I must admit voting for a Republican or two. I am proud of the party that gave us Social Security, civil rights, balanced budgets and other programs that have benefited average Americans. I am proud of the party that gave us leaders such as Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter, who builds homes for the homeless.

Commissioner Robinson, loyalty is a virtue. If you disagree with some of your party's policies, then work to change them. Jumping ship is the easy way out. Since you made this decision midway through your term, the honorable thing to do is to resign your seat and if you choose to run again, do so as a Republican at that time. I am sure honorable Republicans will agree with this.

Kenneth Bonfield, Brooksville

Robinson turned her back on Democrats

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times:

Editor: Nancy Robinson, you were elected to office by the Democrats because you ran as a Democrat. You knew you were going to do this, yet you never said a word to the Democratic Party. I even saw you at the Democratic Party office in Spring Hill prior to the last election.

Since it was the Democrats who put you into office, I think you owe it to them to resign your position and run for office next term as a Republican.

I can say this: You sure let a lot of good people down when you switched parties. Whatever you run as in the future, I can guarantee you I will never vote for you again.

Kathleen Seyfried, Spring Hill

Robinson's party change is no surprise

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times.

Editor: Hernando County Commissioner Nancy Robinson, in overpublicized dramatic manner, has announced her change of political party affiliation from many years as a Democrat to Republican. This is no surprise. She is like a stalk of growing wheat. First, she leans to one side then to the other as the wind blows.

Self-interests surpass party interests. Members of the local Republican Party inner circle and elected officials accompanied Robinson at what _ to her _ was a history-making occasion in Hernando County. Maybe, the inner circle devised the change with election 2006 in mind.

Whether Robinson has been accepted by the local Republican Party general membership is not known. The only surprise is that Robinson did not declare a public holiday so everyone could celebrate the occasion with parade and fireworks.

The Hernando County Democratic Party, regrettably, has experienced embarrassing infighting. Nevertheless, the party's dedication to social equality remains. Now, under the strong and determined leadership of experienced Jay Rowden, the party steadfastly is returning to its _ maybe enviable _ eminence.

Robinson obviously does not wish to be part of this exciting Democratic revival. She disregards loyalty to the many Democrats who, for many years in many ways, have encouraged and supported her. They have nursed and nourished her through successful election and re-elections. Thereby, she has been able to pursue her career up the political ladder to power, prosperity, perquisites and pension. Her unspent previous re-election funds should be returned to Democrats; that would be ethical.

Someday the local Republican Party may be in the cellar of local politics; every dog has its day. Robinson likely then will be pounding on Democrats' doors pleading for admission. Alas, her cringing pleas will be ignored. Those inside will be engrossed in controlling county growth, conserving resources and eliminating extravagant spending of taxpayers' money. Disappearing into the sunset will be lonely Commissioner Robinson, perplexed and bewildered by life's realities.

James A. Willan, Brooksville

Party switch shows hypocrisy in GOP

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times:

Editor: Imagine for a moment, if you will, that it is mid February 2004. Some staunch members of the Hernando County Republican Executive Committee were gearing up to defeat the half-cent sales tax increase referendum while county commissioners were conducting their own sales pitch of the initiative with Ms. Robinson at the helm.

If you say this is ancient history, yes, it is; but it points to the hypocrisy of the dog-and-pony show conducted last week by REC leaders to throw out the red carpet to welcome Ms. Robinson into the Republican Party. Apparently the Republican mantra of lower taxes, less government and more freedom applies only to the rank-and-file, registered Republicans. It appears the board of directors for the Hernando County REC has the option to follow the creed of "do as we say, not as we do" while making critical decisions, even if it violates their own Republican Code of Conduct, which has been mandated by the Republican Party of Florida.

Certainly meaning no disrespect to the residents of Hernando County, but are they really aware of the political power plays and posturing that is going on before their very eyes with this change of party affiliation by a major player in our community? Please keep a close eye on familiar names as the jockeying begins for the 2006 election.

Just suppose all the rumors are true and state Rep. David Russell Jr. decides to run for County Commission District 4 when he terms out of the Legislature in two years. This will leave his seat wide open in the Legislature for Ms. Robinson to throw her finger into the wind to run for this position as a born-again Republican.

The question that remains is: Where does this leave the current commissioner for District 4, Robert Schenck, since he, too, will be up for re-election?

Going beyond any political wrangling, there is the strong belief that the majority of Hernando County residents expect the values of honesty and integrity in their elected officials, as well as Republican Party officials. Unfortunately what we see here is the merging of ideologies to satisfy some egos in the Republican Party.

Oh, what a tangled web they weave when they practice to cheat and deceive.

Anna Liisa Covell, Nobleton

Robinson could do well in Legislature

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times:

Editor: Nancy Robinson's switch of political parties is worth pondering. I wish her well. I was always deeply committed to Mrs. Robinson because of her phenomenal sense of public policy. She's good at it. She could serve in the state Legislature well and get attention in the conservative ranks and can get something done for the district. Both Florida houses are conservative and Republican.

Switching political parties is like switching faith in one's religious zeal to reform one's principles of faith. I am personally bound and committed to the broad sweep of ideals for which the Democratic Party is known, which includes a sense of compassion and concern for those struggling and striving against the tide of bias, social and economic deprivation, and those among the helpless, hopeless, jobless and aging who may be on fixed incomes and lack proper health care. We cannot forget those separated from the economy as the breach between the rich and the poor becomes broader in our times.

Still, Commissioner Robinson's switch and an eye toward state Rep. David Russell Jr.'s seat in the Florida House would mean a cut in pay for only a couple of months in session, while subcommittees decide what issues will come to the full legislative bodies in both houses.

My guess is the people of this district will allow some redemption to Commissioner Robinson for the change of political parties.

Deron Mikal, Brooksville

Robinson owes people an apology

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times:

Editor: What a slap in the face! Nancy Robinson was elected by the Democrats in Hernando County, and while in office she changed to being a Republican. She should apologize to the people who elected her.

If she wanted to be a Republican, why didn't she run on the Republican ticket instead of the Democratic ticket on which she was elected?

Marie Cisarik, Spring Hill

Route is best, despite speed traps

Editor: We have recently returned from Jacksonville, where we spent the Christmas holiday season with relatives.

We took the scenic route by going up U.S. 19 to Route 121 on our way to Williston. From Williston, we proceeded to Gainesville and finally came to U.S. 301 at Waldo. Waldo is the start of the fabled speed-trap area, so we were very cautious about the speed limit signs, giving particular notice to those signs indicating a reduction of speed.

With proper use of the speed control on the vehicle, we were able to adhere to the driving pattern required by the towns in that area. We noticed instances of signs indicating a reduction of speed ahead, but there was always sufficient time for us to adjust. At no time did we see any radical changes in speed to which we could not adjust.

We actually did see one trooper on the way over and one on the way back with a motorist pulled over, but both motorists had previously passed us at a very fast clip, so we were not too surprised to see a law enforcement officer in full pursuit.

This was our 25th round trip to Jacksonville without incident, and we are glad we picked the scenic, quiet route.

Some people might feel as if they were victims of a speed trap for going 70 in a 55 mph zone, when actually they were guilty of stupidity.

Charles A. Schumacher, Spring Hill