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Angry citizen would like her vote back

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times:

Editors: It is so disheartening to have it rammed down your throat that politics, especially on a local level, never change. I have lived here for 21 years and have very little reason to feel differently, unfortunately.

I don't vote a straight party ticket but voted for Hernando County Commissioner Nancy Robinson because she was a Democrat in a field that didn't impress me.

How can she, in any kind of good conscience, remain in office, having lied and cheated those of us who voted for her as a Democrat?

I want my vote back.

"Out, out, damn spot!"

Polly Levine, Spring Hill

Robinson's party switch was sneaky, disloyal

Re: Commissioner switches parties, Dec. 31 Times:

Editor: Hernando County Commissioner Nancy Robinson has "come over to the Dark Side," to quote the evil Darth Vader from Star Wars. Duplicity, perfidy and a disregard for the will of the electorate sounds like she'll be a great Republican.

However, Commissioner Robinson's party loyalties never were really the base of her electoral appeal. She is, at best, a finger-in-the-wind politician. Never really bringing initiative or imagination to her position as commissioner, she has largely gained merit for being a candidate who didn't rock the boat.

Yet, Robinson's sudden turn of allegiances has taken away her wallflower style of leadership and thrust her right into the cross hairs of every Democrat who voted for her. Robinson obviously feels that Republican Party affiliation will serve her better on a grander political stage, perhaps running for David Russel Jr.'s state House seat.

But the public, including plenty of Republicans who voted for her, don't tend to endorse Benedict Arnolds. Loyalty is an attribute to be admired by both Republicans and Democrats. Robinson ran in her race as a Democrat, she took campaign contributions as a Democrat, attended Democratic functions and has never given the slightest suggestion that she would pull the rug from under the feet of those who endorsed her as a Democrat. If an employee of mine lied on their job application, I would terminate them. Robinson has effectively deceived her constituents.

As a principled Republican, the only honorable thing to do would be for her to vacate her seat and run as a Republican, rather than this political shell game she has begun. However, Robinson has shown her true colors as a new member of the GOP and lost the moral imperative to be honest with the public. She has lost her political honor to be loyal to the principles of her party, despite her disappointment in its leadership. She has lost the goodwill of thousands of Democrats who will be out voting en masse in 2006 and/or 2008 to deliver the moral and political clarity she has clearly lost.

Jim Webb, Spring Hill

Restaurant report left out letter writer's favorite

Re: Tired of eggnog?, Dec. 31 Times:

Editor: I was reading your report on restaurants in Hernando County, and I can't understand how the Countyline Cafe and Grill was not mentioned.

There are several of us who eat most of our meals there. We consider this the best place in town. The food is wonderful and the portions are very generous. Everything is cooked to order and desserts are made right there.

I think the newspaper should check out this restaurant. You will be very surprised and pleased.

Janet Gately, Spring Hill