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Don't forget role deputies had in wreck

Re: Sheriff's cruiser, car collide during chase, Jan. 4

Editor: I am a graduate of River Ridge High School. I am in California and enjoy getting all my news from home online. However, reading this last article not only makes me sick but also assures me that I am finished with this newspaper.

This article doesn't really do anything but try to place blame on the innocent people affected most by this accident. One deputy broke a leg, and both suffered some minor injuries from a situation they handled poorly. That's not stated. What is stated is that the driver of the Honda has had a prior driving record from three years ago, and her boyfriend, whom is in critical condition, made a comment about a party.

Nothing was stated that this officer of the law wasn't even wearing his seat belt. If this deputy can't follow something as simple as wearing a seat belt, I'm supposed to believe he went through that intersection with caution? You try to persuade readers to think that these kids were in the wrong, nothing about the car thief getting away, nothing about the cop's personal history.

Instead of trying to protect these deputies, realize that the innocent victims have suffered dearly by the incompetence of these two.

Dustin Wiltshire, Fresno, Calif.

Homeless should be given assistance _ and respect

Editor: As I was coming out of the bank Wednesday, I noticed a homeless young man standing in the median with a sign "Hungry and homeless." My 3-year-old son asked me what his sign said, and I told him to roll down the window.

As a woman who has been down on her luck plenty of times, I gave the homeless kid $2. As he told me, "Thank you and God bless," some man drove by and screamed, "Get a job" and then a few profanities.

I felt so bad for this kid. I am pretty sure he doesn't want to be standing there begging for help, let alone facing the insults that come along with it. I know a lot of people think these homeless people drink the money away. Most of these people are either mentally or physically disabled or both.

So next time you're at a corner and someone is down on his or her luck, pull out your spare change and do your good deed for the day or keep your insults to yourself. We have all needed the help. As for my 3-year-old, he now knows how cruel people can be.

Catherine Maxim, Holiday

President has helped keep America strong

Re: Presidential bust would let the pigeons retaliate, Jan. 4 letter

Editor: The writer is dead wrong when he talks about our nation being great in the past tense.

Our nation has much to be proud of under the leadership of President Bush. During Bush's first term, a brutal regime was removed in Afghanistan, and Saddam Hussein is in jail and can no longer kill or torture the citizens of Iraq. Today, the world is free of two brutal regimes because of the leadership of our president and the young men and women of our military.

There are tough times ahead, but our nation will get through them and be stronger for it.

Dennis Desalvo, Port Richey

Dressing properly must become part of curriculum

Re: Proper attire at funerals, Jan. 6 letter

Editor: The writer is wondering what happened to dress codes.

Ask the Pasco County School Board. Flip-flops are now proper attire to be worn in schools!

If the students can wear flip-flops in school, it just follows that flip-flops can be worn at funerals, in church, even during job interviews!

It's a shame that proper dress is not part of the FCAT.

I'm sure our students would learn proper dress and behavior if the school budget depended on it.

Joe Lynn, Holiday

This man's kind deed won't go unnoticed

Editor: Sometimes it seems we always hear about the bad things that happen, but hardly ever does a good deed get the credit it so rightly deserves. I want to make sure that this good deed gets known.

As director of Pet Aid Service Society Inc., I got a call from a very distressed lady, Rita Weisenritter, on Dec. 30 stating that a stray cat she had been feeding was up a tall tree and had been there for four days. During this time, temperatures sank to the 30s and 40s. Rita said she had called everyone she could think of to ask for help but had no luck until someone finally gave her our number. I assured her that I would do my best to find someone to get the cat down. I called a wildlife rescuer, a utility company and a tree service but had no luck.

I then called Brandon Patterson of the Family Tree & Garden Inc. After telling him why I was calling, he did not hesitate to ask where the cat was and said that he would go get his bucket truck and be there in a half-hour!

I was amazed that this total stranger would drop what he was doing and join my plight in getting the cat down from the tree. Within an hour Brandon had got the cat down, and as soon as the cat was released, it took off like a streak of lightning! Rita assured me that later that day the cat came back and was eating and no worse for her ordeal.

Rita offered Brandon money for his good deed, but he refused, saying he was just glad to help the poor cat get down. Brandon's act of kindness is very refreshing and restores my faith in human beings. He is to be commended. Now I know who to call next time we get a call of a cat up a tree or if I need some trees trimmed at my home.

Marj McConkey, New Port Richey

Private roads mean just that: They're private

Editor: I have been a resident of Pasco County for 25 years, and for the past five years, I have resided in Riverside Villas, New Port Richey.

Villa Entrada runs from the light at Little Road and Old Highway 54. This is a private road _ meaning we, the homeowners, pay for the repairs. It runs into Alta Sol Way. Pasco County Planning and Development has confirmed these as private roads.

However, residents coming in from Rhone Drive are using our once quiet neighborhood as a shortcut to Little Road. Hundreds more new homes are being developed behind us, and subcontractors are now using these roads. One day alone, I saw one truck pass four times. In any given half-hour, more than 40 vehicles pass by my villa.

Pasco County has stated that their access route is Amazon and St. Lawrence Drives and not through Riverside Villas. We have contacted the Sheriff's Office and notified county commissioners.

Drivers need to know they are trespassing (breaking the law) every time they drive down our roads. One driver yelled to me that it was not a private road. We have posted signs stating "Private road" and "No trespassing" to no avail.

What else can we do?

Jane MacLenna, New Port Richey