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ALL MY CHILDREN: Greenlee remembered that it was Kendall who saved her life on the rooftop. After realizing that Zach might have framed Kendall because he wanted Kendall out of Ethan's life, Ryan urged Ethan to undergo another DNA test to see if he's Zach's son. Watch for: Bianca feels guilty.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: As time began to run out, Emily and Paul frantically searched for evidence they might be able to use against Barbara. Although Julia and Holden succeeded in keeping their romance secret from Lily, Luke got an eyeful. Watch for: Alison and Aaron learn the truth about his latest diagnosis.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Stephanie told Brooke to keep Bridget and Ridge from spending too much time together. Nick and Stephanie also agreed that Ridge could make things worse for Bridget. Watch for: Amber's revenge against Ridge could destroy Bridget.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After failing to keep Billie from going off alone to find Georgia, Bo decided to join her. Belle and Philip were married. Lexie suspected a thief was loose in the hospital. Alice was puzzled by Jennifer's supportive talk about Patrick. Watch for: Bo and Billie approach the home of Georgia's "parents."

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Bridget called Jason after she was arrested, prompting Courtney to warn him that she (Bridget) might try to take her baby back from Sam. Diego told Maria that he believes she's his mother. Durant suggested that Steven could cut his competition for Carly by exposing Alcazar as Mary's murderer. Watch for: Alexis catches Ric in a lie.

GUIDING LIGHT: Cassie and Reva's already strained relationship was threatened by Jonathan's behavior. Beth unwittingly gave Gus a good lead to follow. Holly found she couldn't persuade Blake to drop her suspicions about Sebastian. Watch for: Michelle charges Danny with trying to turn her son against her.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: It pained Natalie to see John kiss Evangeline. Despite Rex's insistence that he was innocent, Bo arrested him for killing Paul. Later, just as Rex was about to give Bo important information, a high-powered lawyer named Bill Emerson arrived. Watch for: Cristian has increasingly traumatic memories, while John grows increasingly suspicious of him.

PASSIONS: Gwen and Theresa heard the DNA test results, and the one who proved not to be the baby's mother went wild. "Mrs. Wheeler" wondered who could have revealed her true identity as Katherine since Alistair was still in a coma. Watch for: Alistair decides (again) to kill Sheridan to keep her from revealing an awful truth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor told Nikki that he made the right decision in telling Bobby that Nikki shot his (Bobby's) brother when she was a child. Michael was furious at Paul regarding the transcript of Phyllis' visit to the Georgia prison, which made Damon look guilty. Lily decided she would uncover Malcolm's "secret." Watch for: Ashley's decision could save Jabot _ or not.

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