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Guns are not the way to celebrate

At our annual cookout bringing in the new year, there were gunshots heard umpteen blocks away. These people, celebrating the arrival of the new year, were shooting live ammunition into the air. One of these bullets missed my parked van by 6 feet and went through the trunk of the car parked in front of me.

A bullet shot up into the sky will come down with a significant velocity. Of course a person who is stupid enough to shoot a gun into the air is too dumb to know what velocity means. Maybe they'll understand this: That bullet can kill someone.

If a person has to shoot a gun to make a noise, I'm sure they can buy blanks.

And I can guess why the neighbors wouldn't report them.

Kay Brown III, St. Petersburg

Inclusive playgrounds are praiseworthy

Re: Several cities look to build playgrounds for disabled kids, by Megan Scott, Dec. 28.

I think playgrounds for the disabled are praiseworthy proposals and such playground phenomena should exist in cities such as St. Petersburg. Truly, there are cloudbursts of ethical justifications for serving the needs of handicapped kids who just want to belong and feel a part of things. Being a participant beats sitting on the sidelines.

Far-seeing plans such as playgrounds for the disabled are long overdue. We the people should rise to a decision in favor of such playgrounds which would enable handicapped kids to play and participate.

Robert B. Fleming, St. Petersburg

Hospice made difficult time better

We would like to publicly thank the loving staff of the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast at Palms of Pasadena Hospital. They have been our guardian angels for the past month. Our mom died under the care of hospice on Dec. 30. We will never forget the compassion and love shown to all of us.

This nonprofit organization fills a void in our world _ to help patients and family cope with dying.

With all our hearts, thank you, from the family of Helen R. Kothe.

Joan Ciampini, Clearwater Beach