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Learn from cities that recycle

Re: County must get a grip on poor recycling rate, Jan. 6 editorial

Editor: I read with interest your editorial regarding recycling (or lack of same) in Pasco County. I've also read several other newspaper articles during the last couple of months regarding this matter.

My wife and I moved to Florida about 2{ months ago from Dubuque, Iowa, a rather small, but very forward-thinking community, which has an excellent recycling program. We had trash and recycling pickup once a week, and it was handled very professionally. The amount of trash that could be put out for pickup had some limitations. However, you could go to the city building and purchase stickers that allowed you to put more trash out, should it become necessary.

Each household also had two large plastic bins with lids, which would contain any legal recycling materials you would like picked up. One container was for paper products only; the other was for glass, tin/aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc. This system seemed to work very well and caused little, if any, hardships for the citizens.

We were amazed, upon moving to west Pasco (Wyndtree, southeast of New Port Richey) to find that there was not a good recycling program in place. We would highly recommend that Pasco County check out Dubuque's recycling system, and maybe pick up some good ideas.

Gary and Kathleen Jensen,

New Port Richey

Nuisance fireworks abused year round

Editor: For those of you who get a bang out of Christmas and to the ones who think the reason for the season is to make noise: When did fireworks become part of the Christmas celebration?

I'm amazed how people will find any reason to light fireworks. It's your birthday, fireworks; Valentine's Day, fireworks; I finally passed my GED, let's shoot off fireworks.

We now have businesses selling fireworks year round. If we can try to reduce cigarette smoking by taxing it out of existence, why not do the same with fireworks?

Maybe spending a little more will cause people to buy a little less and we'll only have to listen to this incessant noise only the days for which it was intended.

One other thing, when was the last time you saw someone who littered your neighborhood with fireworks debris clean it up afterward?

Calvin Johnson, New Port Richey

Use of private roads can benefit public

Re: Private roads mean just that: They're private, Jan. 7 letter

Editor: I'll admit to being one of many who use the road that passes through Riverside Villas. I can sympathize with the writer about the traffic, but what can you do?

Yes, the road is a private road. I'll agree with that. Maintenance is the responsibility of the neighborhood, a private group. But that road also provides access to a major public road, Little Road. Furthermore, I feel it is the fastest emergency egress for public safety vehicles.

Also, I have seen some residents of this neighborhood drive recklessly. Some examples are: rolling through a stop sign, changing lanes to avoid speed bumps, and even speeding. Maybe the problem comes from within.

If it angers the writer to the degree of putting up the signs warning of trespassing, look at gating your community. This allows only those who pay for the road to come in. The county should provide some official clarification to this matter.

Putting signs up, as the writer has seen, does nothing but make people laugh and angry. I assume, the road sits on public land, the homeowners do not own the land the road is on and are not responsible for the taxes on the land.

You can keep your road. However, if an emergency vehicle response time is slowed down by your selfish act, deal with the consequences.

Robert M. Borsky,

New Port Richey


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