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Showcase job skills in hiring process

"EXPERIENCE: Explosives mixer."

He must have a dynamite personality.

"EXPERIENCE: With dedication, experience is not necessary."

Sorry, but we tend to disagree.

While employers take many factors into consideration when evaluating resumes, one of the most important is experience. It's imperative a job seeker concisely, though thoroughly, conveys his or her skills and background throughout the hiring process: in the cover letter, resume and interview. Failing to do so can take an otherwise qualified candidate out of the running.

"ACCREDITATIONS: Listed in superlatives section of yearbook as Most Quiet."

The strong, silent type.

"EDUCATION: As soon as I passed out from the university, I joined a garment factory as a junior executive."

Evidently, it was a tough curriculum.

Another resume writer provided a long list of "Licenses and Certificates." At the end of it he wrote, "All licenses and certificates have expired." That example is not unlike the job seeker who included six references on his resume, four of whom, according to him, were deceased.

COVER LETTER: "I am out of work and need an interview. I will not accept less than $50,000 a year, and need dental, vision, general medical insurance, and four weeks of vacation a year. No contracts under six months will be considered."

It's good to know what you want, but making demands on an employer before you've even been called in for an interview is a good way to see that you don't receive a callback.

"MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I helped the company increase business due to my friendliness to the customer."

Think of what you might have accomplished if you'd been friendly to two customers.

"EXPERIENCE: My father is a computer programmer, so I have 18 years of computer experience."

How about giving us your dad's number?