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Lots of ads are aimed at trying to get you (or your parents) to buy everything from cereal to toys to music to, well, you name it. A recent poll asked kids ages 8 to 12 around the country if this is a good idea. Here is what they said:


There is too much advertising for people my age: 22 percent

I like that advertisers are paying attention: 78 percent


There is too much advertising for people my age: 26 percent

I like that advertisers are paying attention: 74 percent

Source: Harris Interactive

Xpress quote

"Some actors come to the set and don't know what scene they're playing, but that would make me crazy. It's not about control but perfectionism _ my biggest vice and one of my biggest assets." _ Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum, 18, who portrays Christine in the film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Typecasting's not okay

Kenan Thompson, who plays the title role in the new movie Fat Albert, hopes he doesn't become typecast. "You always got to watch yourself when you're playing, like, such an iconic character because you don't want to be trying to audition for something else and all anybody wants to do is "Hey! Hey! Hey!' . . . and kick you out of the audition," Thompson said recently, according to AP Radio. The live-action film, directed by Joel Zwick, is based on the animated TV series that comedian Bill Cosby created in the 1970s about adolescents growing up in Philadelphia. Thompson said he wore a form-fitting fat suit to play the role. "I had all this belly to get around and a little more booty, but, you know, it was cool," said the 26-year-old actor-comedian, who is in the cast of Saturday Night Live.

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