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Himmel's humor put to the test after break

Published Aug. 24, 2005

At the welcome back meeting for teachers at Curtis Peterson Auditorium last Monday, new superintendent of schools Sandra "Sam" Himmel had her sense of humor on full display. Here are some examples:

THEY KNOW HER WELL: Himmel was introduced to teachers by executive director of support services James Hughes. He said some very nice things about Himmel, who explained it was a good idea to have Hughes introduce her rather than, say, a family member.

"I will never have any family members introduce me," Himmel said. "I knew Mr. Hughes would have good things to say."

MEET YOU ON THE FRONT PAGE: At the same meeting, Himmel warned teachers and administrators that any e-mail they send her is a public record.

"If you don't want your picture next to mine on the front page, don't e-mail," she advised.

HEY, BABY! This program was the first event for school staffers on their first day back after Christmas break, and Himmel had accolades for Lecanto High School custodian Doug Sawyer, who arranged to have everything ready in the auditorium.

That included music playing as the teachers arrived. The song she wanted for her introduction, though, was never played.

"The theme song I've always wanted to have," she said, "is Pretty Woman."

HE'S THE MAN WITH THE MONEY: As Citrus' top school administrators were introduced, Himmel realized she had forgotten Sam Hurst, director of finance. She made sure everyone in the room would remember him:

"He's the one if you want a raise. Call him."


BUSINESS SLOGANS WE LIKE: Sign for a car detailing business: "Your dirt is our bread and butter."

Mary Ann Koslasky, Jim Ross and Paulette Lash Ritchie contributed to this report.