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"They saw my gray hair and the cane and thought I was an easy target."

_ Marie Alexander, 54, who chased after two young women that snatched her purse and tried to drive away. Alexander broke their car window, slugged one of them, and took back the purse.

"I don't know why it's okay for employees to live by these rules and not commissioners."

_ Hillsborough Commissioner Kathy Castor, who was unable to persuade fellow board members to include themselves in a policy that bars county employees from taking gifts worth more than $100.

"Brandon and Riverview and other places have expanded exponentially all around us. We're five minutes from Tampa and we've been totally ignored."

_ Pat Shafer, vice president of the Palm River Economic Development Council, who advocates annexing the area as part of the city of Tampa.

"How can you not reach into your pocket and take whatever you have out?"

_ Henry Aruffo, a retired University of South Florida professor living in Thailand, who has been helping with relief for tsunami victims, including the purchase of coffins.