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Phish detector

If you get even a trickle of spam _ and, frankly, who doesn't? _ you may have received a fake notification from a bank asking you to update your account. Being an informed consumer, you'd never click on such a link. But others in your household might not be so smart. If you're still using Internet Explorer, here's a smart, free tool from Netcraft that will help detect so-called phishing links and attempt to save the unsuspecting from being ripped off.

A freebie story

Gosh, where you do you find help like this? Somebody who's willing to sneak into your building, contribute rather than steal, and work for free (or the occasional pizza). This is the story of how the graphing calculator that shipped with the original PowerPC Apple Mac made it into the operating system. It's a quick, entertaining read and perhaps something that's unlikely to happen again.

Clean up your act

I've read a few stories lately where people have come to accept spyware as part of using free software. And to those people I say, "Are you insane?" I hate to be one of those sometimes-boring-yet-exuberant open source people who rant on about software freedom, but it really doesn't have to be this way. This site contains links to a bunch of multiplatform applications from browsers to antivirus to multimedia players. Bookmark and share with friends.

Feed me radio/50eatsindex.shtml

Now that the new year is in full swing, your thoughts are probably turning to things you shouldn't be eating and how you're going to get off that fad diet. Eschew chocolate and turn your thoughts to Australian meat pie and Moreton Bay bugs (the two things on this list I haven't ingested). The list is a suggestion of 50 things you should try during your lifetime. Eat hearty.

Elitism at its best

Nothing says "I'm better than you" than a mobile phone nobody else is likely to have. It's the last bastion of affordable yet understated elitism. Perhaps you have $1,200 in spare change in a drawer. If that's the case, you can have that phone. A charger and multimedia card are generously included in the price.

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