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"Everday' help for home cooks

In individual turns on camera, the hosts speak quickly and try to sound just like you and me.

"Hi, I'm Margot (Olshan), and I spend my afternoons driving my kids all over town," says the commissary chef as she whips up kid-friendly Hoisin Salmon Steaks.

All five hosts of Everyday Food on PBS have worked in the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living: Besides Olshan, there's television food editor Lucinda Scala Quinn, kitchen editor John Barricelli and recipe developers Sarah Carey and Allison Lewis.

Everyday Food is based on the small-scale magazine of the same name, launched in 2003, whose emphasis is on quick, uncomplicated recipes.

Each show features four or five recipes and tips that make sense, such as anchoring your thumb inside a cored apple to make for easier peeling. And each show is noticeably bookended by 10- to 12-second spots on behalf of the show's several sponsors.

There are no subtitles or ingredients listed on the screen as they go, but recipes will be posted at