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INDONESIAN TOLL: A document posted at federal disaster-relief headquarters in Banda Aceh says that nearly 210,000 people in Indonesia are dead or missing, Knight Ridder Newspapers reports. The larger Indonesia toll would bring the total to nearly 272,000, ranking the tsunami as the fifth or sixth deadliest natural disaster in about 250 years. The Associated Press still reports 106,523 Indonesian dead, among 153,585 reported killed in 11 countries.

CHILD TRAFFICKING ARREST: Police have arrested a 63-year-old Sri Lankan, A.H. Somadasa, on charges of trying to sell his granddaughters after their home was destroyed and their mother killed by the tsunami. The suspect's lawyer, Sumith Dhammika de Silva, said Somadasa was innocent, explaining that two foreigners offered to help the family but had intentions of buying the children. The two girls, age 7 and 9, were released to their father.

DEBT PAYMENT FREEZE: Nineteen creditor nations offered Wednesday to let tsunami-hit countries halt debt payments for as long as a year, the Paris Club said. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and the Maldives pay $23.1-billion each year in public debt to foreign governments, the IMF and the World Bank.

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