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Don't let a few complainers ruin fireworks

Editor: I'm a semiretired construction worker, 68 years old. I'm sick and tired of a few curmudgeons in our society who complain about fireworks. These people complain about everything in life. They can't stand to see people laugh, have fun, celebrating events. After all, what's a few days out of 365 hurting anyone?

My grandfather and father both told me as a young boy that fireworks are American. It's part of who we are, like hot dogs, baseball, Mom's apple pie, the Fourth of July, turkey at Thanksgiving, Santa at Christmas and pop the cork on New Year's Eve.

Richard Moore, New Port Richey

Young or old, pay your fare

After reading the articles regarding Ms. Salamo and her cab ride, I was absolutely livid.

First of all, what makes this woman think that she gets to determine what a cab ride will cost her?

Second, why does Sen. Mike Fasano think that it is right for him to help someone get away with a crime that she admitted committing? His position that people should be given the benefit of the doubt simply because they are elderly is insulting to all of his constituents, young and old.

Finally, why in the world would the cab company drop the charges without receiving any payment?

To put this all in perspective, consider this situation: What would have happened if the cab rider in this story were not an elderly white woman, but a young African-American man? Would the police officer still have let the suspect go with just a summons? Would anyone, let alone a senator, have stepped in on the suspect's behalf? Would the cab company have simply dropped the matter without any compensation? I think we all know the answers to these questions.

Sean P. Smith, Port Richey

Clothes don't matter at funerals

Re: Proper attire at funerals, Jan. 6 letter

Editor: Maybe I am out of place, but I read these comments and I cry because I am a mother of four children and personally it doesn't matter what you wear to a funeral.

It's not a fashion show. It's someone's family. Have a heart!

Lorraine B. Lohr, Port Richey