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Brandon's wrestling team has won so many consecutive matches for so long that when it captured No. 400 in the string Saturday afternoon, there wasn't much hoopla.

It was as usual, another domination: 53-12 over Chamberlain.

Yet when you think about the number, 400, it's nothing short of amazing.

It took 32 years to reach and on Saturday afternoon in the Jim Graves Challenge the Streak tournament, it took about an hour to add another notch on the streak belt.

At 50 seconds into his 103-pound bout, Eagle senior Kenny Keller scored a pin, which put Brandon out front 37-12 over the Chiefs. Then 50 seconds into the 112-pound match, Keller's brother, sophomore Kyle, scored a pin to seal No. 400.

Chamberlain coach Jeff Duncan said the Brandon mystique, though not hyped Saturday afternoon, was there in full force.

"We were definitely intimidated and I hope I don't get used to being victimized," Duncan said, smiling. "We were the victims with Brandon's 350th win. I really don't want to be part of any more history from the victim side."

Unfortunately for Duncan, his team will most likely get taken down again the next time Brandon wrestles the Chiefs.

Cardinal Gibbons, which met Brandon in Saturday's final, knows the feeling after losing 55-16, giving Brandon No. 401.

Jim Graves, the man for whom the event is named, sat back and enjoyed Saturday's matches. Graves led Brandon to its first 75 consecutive victories before handing the reins over to Russ Cozart in 1980.

"Russ does a good job keeping my name alive," Graves said, "but what he has done is unbelievable if you stop and think about it. Since he took the job, he hasn't lost a dual match in 24 years. He won 325 of the 400, plus 14 state championships. The man is really unbelievable."

Times correspondent Terry Jones contributed to this report.

Brandon's streak

The Brandon High School wrestling team extended its dual-meet winning streak to 400 Saturday in the semifinals of the Challenge the Streak tournament (then made it 401 by winning the final). Here's a look at the milestone matches.

1972-73: Defeated Dixie Hollins 42-10 for win No. 1.

1982-83: Defeated Chamberlain 29-27 for win No. 100.

1989-90: Defeated Leto 66-6 for win No. 200.

1997-98: Defeated Leto 84-0 for win No. 300.

2001-02: Defeated Chamberlain 60-9 for win No. 350.

2004-05: Defeated Chamberlain 53-12 for win No. 400.