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Zephyrhills raid leads to drug charges for five

(ran South, East edition)

Drug deals were made on the curb, authorities said. Strange cars passed through the neighborhood at all hours, with little regard for traffic signs or speed limits. Strangers came and went from one unkempt home, wandering between alleyways and neighbors' yards. Some even hid in neighbors' bushes.

That's why a countywide interagency drug task force raided the home at 38702 A Ave. Wednesday evening, according to Zephyrhills police Chief Russell Barnes. Three arrests were made Wednesday, two more were made Thursday and more are expected, the chief said.

Residents in this neighborhood had complained for months, Barnes said, which prompted a six-month investigation that led to the raid.

"It was neighborhood fear," Barnes said. "Fear for the safety of your children, fear for the safety of your property and your belongings from the individuals who were coming in (and out) of there."

Barnes said Zephyrhills police had the area under surveillance, videotaping drug buys and working undercover.

Zephyrhills police narcotics Detective Ailisa Boyd, Zephyrhills police officers and Pasco County sheriff's deputies took part in the raid, which occurred about 7 p.m. Wednesday, according to a police report. Trace amounts of cocaine and marijuana were inside the home, the report said.

Those arrested:

+ Tobey Brockington, 27, charged with sale and possession of crack cocaine and marijuana. Thursday night he was being held in the Pasco County jail in Land O'Lakes in lieu of $46,500 bail.

+ Lindsey Bagby, 20, charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana. She also was in jail Thursday night, where she was also charged with two outstanding warrants, for a total bail of $4,026.

+ Tammy Bagby, 44, charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana. She is being held in lieu of $3,000 bail.

+ Jerome Perry, 18, charged with sale and possession of crack cocaine and marijuana.

+ Curtis Ingram, charged with sale and possession of crack cocaine.

The jail status of those two could not be determined Thursday night.

Barnes said "two or three" more arrests are expected.

The chief described the condition of the house as "absolute filth."

He said of residents in the area: "People didn't want their kids to play outside, especially after dark or in the early evening."