Brodeur not handling rule well

Published Sept. 18, 2005|Updated Oct. 24, 2005

A little of this and a little of that as we catch up with what's going on around the NHL as training camps get going

MARTY'S MAD: The new rule restricting goalies handling the puck might as well be called "The Martin Brodeur Rule."

No goalie is better at handling the puck than New Jersey's Brodeur, and no goalie is more upset about the new restrictions.

"You can't be happy, taking away something I've worked on all my life to do and help my teammates and help my defense," Brodeur told the New York Times. "It's just part of me, playing the puck. So, definitely, you can't be happy."

Brodeur thinks it's outright discrimination.

"If they had 30 Martin Brodeurs out there, that rule wouldn't be there; nobody would have voted for it," Brodeur said. "There are just too many teams that didn't have these goalies that were ready to make sure the guys that were affecting the games weren't able to do it anymore."

HIGH HOPES: Wayne Gretzky hasn't coached a game, but new Coyotes forward Brett Hull has high expectations.

"I want him to be that special guy he was when he played," Hull told the East Valley (Ariz.) Tribune. "I want to look at him and say, "That's innovative. Why didn't other coaches think of that?' I want him not to be the norm, like all the other mechanical coaches are."

GIVE ME A "C:" For the first time since 1997, the Blues captain is not named Al MacInnis or Chris Pronger. MacInnis retired; Pronger was traded to Edmonton.

The new captain will be Dallas Drake, who realizes he needs to get a handle on his quick temper.

"Unfortunately, I'm one of the guys that gets too emotional," Drake said. "So I've got to learn to pull the reins back a little bit. Sometimes I say things I shouldn't say. I'm going to try and get better in that area, not yell at the refs too much."

SATAN BE GONE: Miroslav Satan was one of the Sabres' best players in recent years, but no one in Buffalo is broken up that Satan has moved on to the Islanders.

Satan and coach Lindy Ruff weren't buddy-buddy. And while teammates liked Satan off the ice, he was not cared for on.

Chris Drury asked Ruff to get Satan off his line early in 2003-04 season because of Satan's work ethic, or lack of it. And no one cared for Satan's antics of holding an imaginary telephone after he scored a goal, a message to GM Darcy Regier to get on the phone and trade him.

"To be honest with you, I just think it was time for Miro to move on," Buffalo's Daniel Briere said. "Miro's a great hockey player, but I don't think he had any chemistry with the players that we have here."

NO OIL: Former MVP Peter Forsberg nearly ended up in Edmonton. His agent, Don Baizley, told the Edmonton Journal that the Oilers made a serious pitch before Forsberg chose the Flyers. Oilers GM Kevin Lowe was convinced he was coming.

"For 36 hours anyway," Lowe said.

Forsberg still has a soft spot for Colorado and thought it best to sign with an Eastern team.

Only after the Oilers couldn't land Forsberg did they trade for Michael Peca.

LUKE SPEAKS: Former Lightning defenseman Brad Lukowich might be gone, but he hasn't forgotten about Tampa Bay. He still is talking about how good the 2003-04 defense was.

"No one spoke about us in Tampa and we loved it that way," Lukowich told Newsday. "And when we got to the playoffs, everyone was like, "Wow, this defense is amazing.' It wasn't that (Cory Sarich) was so good or (Jassen Cullimore) was so good. It was the six guys that played together, working as a unit, that was so good."

SURF'S UP: NHL friends Glen Murray, Sean O'Donnell and Rob Blake spent part of their summer dodging sharks while surfing in the Pacific off the coast of Mexico. Oops, we weren't supposed to mention the sharks.

"There are sharks everywhere, obviously," Murray said. "But I've never seen one while I was surfing. It's an unwritten rule that we don't talk about it. If you're going to go out on the water worried about that, you're going to freak out. You shouldn't be out there if you're thinking about sharks."

ODDS AND ENDS: Edmonton backup goalie Jussi Markkanen broke his collarbone before camp and might not be ready to start the season. The Islanders are the only team not training in their back yard. Their camp is in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Information from other news organizations was used in the report.