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Who in the sports world most needs to shut his yap? // ALL COMPLAINING ASIDE - OKAY, COACH?

Published Nov. 21, 2005

+ True story: Last week, a Bosnian soccer referee hit a player and knocked him out when the player disagreed with a call.

Joe Gibbs? Are you listening? If it takes a KO to quiet the cantankerous coach, I'll take it. Gibbs' yap was running full force after the Bucs' victory over his Redskins last weekend. He said that Mike Alstott should have been ruled down on his two-point conversion run, that the Redskins were not offside when they blocked an extra-point try, that Joey Galloway was out of bounds on a reception, that a Bucs interception should have been nullified for illegal contact.

Coach, how about your team's three turnovers, a failure to run out the clock in the final minutes and poor third-down defense? The officials' fault, too?

Is it really so difficult to say: "The better team won today. No, I will not blame the officiating for our loss. The officials are human and the calls will even out."

I have an idea. If Gibbs keeps complaining about officiating mistakes, then referees can submit tapes of his coaching blunders to the league office for review each week. That should inspire some blessed, long-overdue silence.PASTOR VS. STRICKHOUSERFrank Pastor becomes the first to win three series with a resounding win over Jim Tomlin. John Strickhouser takes a shot at Pastor next, starting today. Read the columns and vote online at weekAre there too many college bowl games?Pastor (Yes) - 498Tomlin (No) - 157OverallPastor - 2,174Tomlin - 1,229