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Bradenton police say 2 strangled

Published Dec. 8, 2005

BRADENTON - Investigators think 19-year-old Clifford A. Davis used his hands to strangle his mother and grandfather Sunday morning, Bradenton police said Wednesday.

The bodies of Stephanie Ann Davis, 42, and Joel Colver Hill, 77, were found in the Davises' Wares Creek apartment Monday, after Nancy Hill, mother and wife of the victims, became concerned that her husband had left their home and not returned.

Clifford Davis was arrested later Monday at a friend's house, and confessed to the slayings after questioning, police have said.

Police also said Wednesday that Stephanie Davis' body, found in her bedroom, was partially nude. Spokesman Lt. Keith Davis declined to say if there is evidence she was sexually assaulted.

Authorities think Clifford Davis may have killed his mother, then his grandfather, whose body was found on the kitchen floor by Mrs. Hill. Blood was on his face, and his ankles were bound together by duct tape.

Police haven't said, if they know, what brought Joel Hill to his daughter's home.

However, Chief Michael Radzilowski said, "It wasn't your routine family argument, where someone got pushed, fell and died. This is a more orchestrated, planned-out caper."Lionel Tate gets new attorney MIAMI - A lawyer who has made his career defending controversial clients has taken over the defense of convicted child killer Lionel Tate.

Ellis Rubin said Tate's aunt and mother contacted him Tuesday and asked him to assume the 18-year-old's defense from a public defender with whom Tate had been clashing.

Tate, once the youngest person in modern U.S. history sentenced to life in prison, is on probation for the 1999 killing of 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick, which happened when Tate was 12.

Now 18, he is accused of violating terms of his probation by robbing a pizza deliveryman at gunpoint in May, which could return him to prison for life. - WIRE REPORTS AND BRADENTON HERALD