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Published Dec. 11, 2005

Is it time for Packers quarterback Brett Favre to step aside? In the late 1980s, the Dolphins had plummeted from Super Bowl contenders to tear-your-hair-out bumblers. But there was one reason to continue watching - Dan Marino. You never knew when, even playing for a lousy team, he'd do something that made you gasp at his greatness.

It's a similar situation with the Packers today. True, Brett Favre is no longer in his prime, as Marino was, and Favre's gaffes, not his greatness, inspire most of the gasps this season. But honestly, would you be more apt to watch the Packers going nowhere with Favre at quarterback, or with rookie Aaron Rodgers?

Some might argue the team owes Favre continued starts out of loyalty. I have more selfish interests. I want to see another scramble and backhanded toss that turns a sack into a gain. I want to see a legend take a hit as he zips a completion into dangerous double coverage then bound up in utter joy, patting a rival defensive lineman on the helmet.

I want a final chance to watch one of the most entertaining and unique quarterbacks in history. The Aaron Rodgers Era will come soon enough. What's the rush to end the Brett Favre Era?