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2 teens will soon know science of competition

Two students who participated in the recent Citrus Regional Science and Engineering Fair will move on to the 2006 International Science and Engineering Fair.

Lecanto High School sophomores Shivani Parikh, 16, and Lakshmi Ram, 15, are eligible to travel to Indianapolis to compete with science students worldwide.

Neither student has ever been to the international competition, but both have state competition experience. Shivani has been to the state fair four times. Her first year she won a recognition award in botany. The next two times she competed in the zoology category and received second and third place awards. Last year she returned to Citrus County with a third place in environmental sciences.

Lakshmi has competed in one state science fair. This year she will take her project "Absorption History: Testing Impact Resistance on Aluminum, Fiberglass and Aluminum/Fiberglass Laminate" to the state and international competitions.

Shivani's project is "Determining the Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Potential Land Applied Wastes by using a Stomach Stimulator."

Both students plan medical or science careers.

Shivani said she is interested in medicine or veterinary science, "hopefully with an environmental twist on it."

Lakshmi is considering a premedicine major or, perhaps, dentistry.

Shivani and Lakshmi are on the Lecanto High tennis team, are members of Model United Nations and American Teen Cancer Society and participated on the school's academic team. Shivani has founded a new multicultural club at school.

Shivani is the daughter of Drs. Sonal and Bharat Parikh. Lakshmi is the daughter of Dr. Anil and Mrs. Veena Ram.

The following students have been invited to the state competition.

In the junior division (middle school): Sydney Bennett, Crystal River Middle School; Renee Fonseca, Inverness Middle School; Donovan Foster, Citrus Springs Middle School; Radhika Gandhi, Lecanto Middle School; Allison Jones, Lecanto Middle; Umang Patel, Lecanto Middle; Forest Preston, Citrus Springs Middle; Aarthi Ram, Lecanto Middle; Bryce Uzzolino, Pope John Paul II Catholic School; and Trevor van Voorthuijsen, homeschool.

In the senior division: Yogesh Gandhi, Lecanto High School; Shivani Parikh, Lecanto High; Bhakti Patel, Lecanto High; Lakshmi Ram, Lecanto High; Anu Rao, Lecanto High; Nick Shah, Lecanto High; Sara Shah, Lecanto High; Sonia Shah, Lecanto High; Mark Walker, Academy of Environmental Science; and Tyler van Voorthujisen, Academy of Environmental Science.

The Regional Science and Engineering Fair category place winners were recognized Saturday at Citrus Springs Middle School.

First-, second- and third-place entries received trophies. Honorable mentions received white ribbons. Participation award winners received certificates. The trophies and ribbons were provided by the Citrus County Education Foundation. The science fair was also sponsored by American Pro Dive.

Here is a list of the winners:

Senior division

Behavioral and Social Sciences: First place: Larra Townsend, Crystal River High School.

Biochemistry: First place: Yogesh Ghandhi, Lecanto High School; second place: Lindsey Spafford, Citrus High School; third place: Omar Migdad, CHS.

Botany: First place: Tyler Voorthuijsen, Academy of Environmental Science.

Chemistry: First place: Stephanie Hernandez, Withlacoochee Technical Institute.

Computer Science: First place: Nick Shah, LHS.

Engineering: First place: Lakshmi Ram, LHS.

Environmental Science: First place: Shivani Parikh, LHS; second place: Mark Walker, AES; third place: Hannah Fitterman, CHS; participation - Joseph Huxley, AES, Vicki Villanova, LHS, Kathryn Sanderson, AES, Amanda Rhodes, AES.

Medicine and Health: First place: Sara Shah, LHS; second place: Anu Rao, LHS; third place: Katie Hagan, West Coast Christian School; participation: Katrina Townsend, WCCS.

Microbiology: First place: Sonia Shah, LHS; second place: Bhakti Patel, LHS.

Physics: First place: Alexander Stanley, CHS; second place: Erik Trick, CHS.

Team Projects, Life Science: First place: Joshua Ward, Robbie Wilford and Theresa Marion, CREST School.

Zoology: First place: Brian Casalvieri, AES; second place: Ian Sylvester, AES; third place: Summer Wyllie, AES; participation: Ashley Ballien, Crystal River High School, Sabrina Haberstroh, AES.

Junior division

Behavioral and Social Sciences: First place: Trevor van Voorthuijsen, homeschool; second place (tie): Hunter White, Citrus Springs Middle School, Sarah Parrow, Pope John Paul II Catholic School; third place: Annie Carter, Crystal River Middle School; honorable mention: Krista Crofutt, CRMS; participation: Katelynn Chaney, LMS, Brittany Rohrig, LMS.

Biochemistry: First place: Amanda Tchir, PJP II; second place: Ashleigh Mihalko, Inverness Middle School; third place: Michael Kuhn, Seven Rivers Christian School; honorable mention: Caitlyn Langdon, IMS, Christina Sowerby, CSMS, Kaitlyn Dearing, IMS; participation: Joseph Roper, CRMS, Ciera Jenkins, IMS.

Botany: First place: Umang Patel, Lecanto Middle School; second place (tie): Harrison Clark, CRMS, Blake Massulo, SRCS; third place: Angelina Vascimini, PJP II; honorable mention: Christian Gallery, IMS, Emily Jolly, West Coast Christian School; participation: Akshara Patel, LMS, Adam Taylor, CRMS, Taylor Moutlon, IMS, Frankie Vascimini, PJP II, Mary Fontanez, PJP II, Ethan Ellzey, IMS, Andrew Morgan, IMS, Krista Krim, CRMS, Christina Bourbon, IMS, Dana Eatough, WCCS, Brittany Daves, CRMS.

Chemistry: First place: Susan Mallett, CSMS; second place: Scott Goulet, PJP II; third place: Devon Harvey, CSMS; honorable mention: A.J. Cloer, CRMS, Bryce Perry, IMS, Alexander Talaroc, PJP II; participation: Alexis Trick, IMS, Derick Hannigan, CRMS, Ryan Phillips, CSMS, Sequoia Doetch, PJP II, Austin Porambo, PJP II, Joseph Burgner, CRMS, Timothy Paradiso, CRMS.

Computer Science: First place: William Aiman, LMS.

Earth and Space Science: First place: Charlie Poliseno, IMS; second place: Michael Brigantic, PJP II; third place: Emily Muir, CRMS; honorable mention: Tiffany Beck, CSMS; participation: Tyler Melton, CRMS.

Engineering: First place: Andrew Moore, CRMS; second place: Timothy Alsobrooks, CSMS; third place (tie): Jon Franke, PJP II, Samuel Wilburn, IMS; Honorable mention: Renee Fonseca, IMS, Drew Zay, IMS; participation: Nathan Fontenot, IMS, Allison Ledsome, CRMS, Matt Malik, IMS, Scott Roush, IMS, Taylor Ockman, CRMS, Jesse Chaffee, PJP II, Matthew Walker, CRMS, Taylor Rigsby, PJP II.

Environmental Science: First place: Donovan Foster, CSMS; second place: Aarthi Ram, LMS; third place: Jeffrey Kyker, PJP II; Honorable mention: Alexandria Rawls, IMS, Calli Brockett, CRMS; participation: Tia Peruche, CRMS, Madalene Drew, IMS, Alton Pierce, CRMS, Caitlin Janicki, IMS, Robert Morrison, LMS.

Mathematics: First place: Josh Lees, CSMS; second place: Sean Fugere, IMS; third place: Adam Santa Fe, IMS; honorable mention: Stephen Geier, PJP II; participation: Jacob Sanow, CRMS.

Medicine and Health Sciences: First place: Allison Jones, LMS; second place: Radhiki Gandhi, LMS; third place: Weston Pope, CRMS; honorable mention: Zeel Patel, LMS; participation: Clayton Roessler, CRMS, Hillary Eckstein, CRMS.

Microbiology: First place: Sydney Bennett, CRMS.

Physics: First place: Douglas Shumate, LMS; second place: Forrest Preston, CSMS; third place: Rhett Gehrig, PJP II; honorable mention: Matthew Rentschlar, CRMS, Austin Johnson, PJP II; participation: Richard Hart, CRMS, Bradley Allen , PJP II, Brittany Burr, IMS, Zachary McGowan, CRMS, Ben Rashley, IMS, Cody Dawson, IMS, Aaron Dix, CRMS, Maggie Satterly, SRCS, Emily Ashton, IMS, Zachory Lee, CRMS.

Team Projects, Life Science: First place: Amanda Poliseno and Savannah Bingham, IMS; second place: Marissa Trentacosta and Amber Umphress, IMS; third place: Susan Funez, CSMS, Laury Leiva and Nya Jorif, CSMS; honorable mention: Ashley Ward and Kayleigh Sarraco, IMS; participation: Christa Arcadipane, CSMS, Tonia Krause, CSMS, Alexander Powell, CSMS, Ernesto Castro-Morales, CSMS, Melodie Moff, IMS, Lauren Minus, IMS.

Team Projects, Physical Science: First place: Ashlee Vermilyea, Kristin Tringali and Julia Collazo, CSMS; second place: Shannon Barlow and Brook White, IMS; third place: Priscilla Bejarno and Chelsea Flockhart, PJP II; honorable mention: Macon Newcomer and Michael Surber, CRMS; participation: Payton McLean, IMS, Erich Schultz, IMS, Abigail McDonald, IMS, Brynn Dunn, IMS, Melanie Lim, CRMS, Hannah Ward, CRMS, Brian Clark, PJP II, Matthew Wood, PJP II.

Zoology: First place: Bryce Uzzolino, PJP II; second place: Micah Cook, CRMS; third place: Nicole MePhee, CRMS; honorable mention: Hannah Mattingly, IMS.

Special awards

Many businesses awarded students certificates, merchandise and cash awards. These are the winners of the special awards:

Ahalya Ra Memorial Award: Anu Rao, LHS, Sara Shah, LHS, $500 each.

American Meteorological Society: Lakshmi Ram, LHS, certificate.

American Pro Diving Center: Shivani Parikh, LMS, Trevor van Voorthuijsen, homeschool, underwater camera; Alexandria Rawls, IMS, and Donovan Foster, CSMS, dive watches.

American Psychological Association: Trevor van Voorthuijsen, homeschool, certificate.

Arnold Virgilio Insurance and Retirement Income: A.J. Cloer, CRMS, and Weston Pope, CRMS, chess sets.

ASM International Foundation: Lakshmi Ram, LHS, certificate and medallion.

Association of Women Geoscientists: Alexandria Rawls, IMS, and Shivani Parikh, LHS, certificate.

Herbert Hoover Young Engineer Award: Lakshmi Ram, LHS, certificate and medallion.

Homosassa Civic Club: Matthew Alt, Citrus Springs Elementary School, Tiffany Beck, CSMS, Sydney Bennett, CRMS, Trenton Bilby, Homosassa Elementary School, Glorianna Collins, homeschool, Maddie Drew, IMS, Renee Fonseca, IMS, Donovan Foster, CSMS, Samantha Jenkins, Lecanto Primary School, Deanna Mielke, Floral City Elementary School, $50 each.

Intel Excellence in Computer Science: William Aiman, LMS, certificate and eligibility for $200.

International Society for Optical Engineering: Matthew Walker, CRMS, certificate and entry in prize drawing.

Lindblad Expeditions, Environmental Award: Shavini Parikh, LHS, cruise to Costa Rica for two; Hannah Fitterman, CHS, Theresa Marion, Josh Ward and Robbie Wilford (team project), CREST, Nicole McPhee, CRHS, Aarthi Ram, LMS, Alexandria Rawls, IMS, Summer Wyllie, AES, $50 each.

MU Alpha Theta: Lakshmi Ram, LHS, certificate.

National Society of Professional Engineers: Lakshmi Ram, LHS, certificate and a pin.

NOAA/U.S. Department of Commerce: Michael Brigantic, PJP II, certificate.

RICOH Sustainable Development Award: Hannah Fitterman, CHS, certificate, subscription to Science News.

Save the Homosassa River Alliance: Donovan Foster, CSMS, $500, Nicole McPhee, CRMS, $400, Trevor van Voorthusjisen, homeschool, $100.

Scientific American Magazine Award: Sondra Brown, WCCS, Katelyn Cunningham, AES, Joshua Dawson, AES, Chad LaBranche, AES, Mitchell Meehan, AES, Luke Wall, AES, certificate and year's subscription to Scientific American.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Calli Brockett, CRMS, certificate.

The John and Olga Sloboda Memorial Award: Donovan Foster, CSMS, $50, Nicole McPhee, CRMS, Andrew Moore, CRMS, Alexandria Rawls, IMS, Trevor van Voorthuijsen, homeschool, $25 each.

U.S. Metric Association: Shivani Parikh, LHS, certificate.

U.S. Public Health Service: Saahil Sanon, CSMS, certificate.

Yale Science and Engineering Association: Sonia Shah, LHS, certificate.

Discovery Young Scientist: The Discovery Young Scientist Challenge offers the opportunity for selected students in the junior division to apply for competition in a national contest. They were Sydney Bennett, CRMS, Renee Fonseca, IMS, Donovan Foster, CSMS, Radhika Gandhi, LMS, Allison Jones, LMS, Umang Patel, LMS, Forrest Preston, CSMS, Aarthi Ram, LMS, Bryce Uzzolino, PJP II, Trevor van Voorthuijsen, homeschool.

Elementary School exhibitors, who were not judged, were invited to the stage to receive recognition, medals and gift certificates to American Pro Diving Center.

This year's Science and Engineering Fair was sponsored by Citrus County schools, the Citrus County Education Foundation and American Pro Diving Center and hosted by the Crystal River Mall.