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"I want to the museum to succeed."

Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, announcing an end to a stalemate over plans to build a new art museum downtown. Iorio brokered a deal to convert the Pavilion, the cube-shaped office complex at the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Ashley Drive, into museum space. A second building would be built next to it, to increase the total square footage.

"For the future of this city it certainly doesn't set a high standard for arts. It's a make-do."

Tampa Museum of Art board member Jan Platt, responding to news of the museum deal.

"He wouldn't hurt a fly."

Bonnie Moyer, describing her friend Ronald Stem, a 57-year-old military veteran and aspiring teacher, murdered Thursday night in the parking lot of a residence hall at the University of South Florida.

"Being a pioneer has been exhausting and frustrating. ... I could never understand why the city tries to undermine us, to make it so hard for us to bring life to these neighborhoods."

Angelica Diaz, owner of Viva la Frida Cafe y Galeria, a former car lot converted into a restaurant and arts center in Seminole Heights. She has announced plans to sell the business.

"Well, they're going to change."

Air Force Col. Maggie Woodward, commander of MacDill Air Force Base, recalling her reaction whyen a high school guidance counselor told her she couldn't be an Air Force pilot because "they don't let women fly."