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Haiti election review ordered

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Haiti's interim government ordered a review of election results Tuesday, hours after the leading presidential candidate - who appeared set to fall short of a first-round victory - claimed the count was marred by "massive fraud" or errors.

"The government wants to make sure that everything with the process is correct," interim Interior Minister Paul Magloire told the Associated Press.

Leading presidential candidate Rene Preval earlier promised to contest the results. Preval also urged supporters to protest peacefully a day after at least one pro-Preval demonstrator was killed and followers elsewhere occupied a hotel. Preval said official results "do not correspond with reality."

Egypt puts off elections

CAIRO - The Egyptian parliament Tuesday postponed local elections for two years despite opposition from the United States and a leading fundamentalist group, a state-owned newspaper and lawmakers said.

President Hosni Mubarak issued a decree calling for the law last week, saying he needed the time to draft legislation giving municipalities more power.

A spokesman for the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Saeed el-Katatni, said the law was approved by 348 of 454 lawmakers. It was passed by the Shura Council, parliament's upper house, on Sunday.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the Bush administration supports Egypt's progress toward democracy but opposed Mubarak's decision to put off local elections.

Sharon's son sentenced

JERUSALEM - The oldest son of incapacitated Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was sentenced Tuesday to nine months in prison for illegal fundraising during his father's 1999 primary campaign.

The judge called the case against Omri Sharon a political "swamp that must be dried up." Sharon, 41, will not have to serve his jail sentence immediately because of the Israeli leader's grave medical condition.

Human smuggling foiled

WINDSOR, Ontario - A smuggling ring that sometimes forced migrants to hang on the sides of freight trains or be stuffed in car trunks to get across the Canadian-U.S. border was broken Tuesday with the arrests of 17 people, U.S. and Canadian authorities said. U.S. authorities said they intercepted 74 illegal immigrants, mostly from Asia and Eastern Europe.