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Paintball firm wants to use Yeomans Park

Paintball might be coming to town.

MTak Paintball Inc. wants to develop an operation at Yeomans Park, according to a proposal that the City Council reviewed Monday.

A majority of council members authorized city staffers to explore the idea.

MTak, based in Crystal River, wants to "jointly develop and market" the operation with the city. Another possibility: The company could work alone and lease land from Crystal River.

If Yeomans Park didn't work out, the company might consider other sites within the city.

Yeomans Park, on Turkey Oak Drive east of Citrus Avenue, would "largely remain unaffected" because the paintball operation would require only temporary bunkering and small structures, the proposal says.

"Most changes will focus on making the area safe for paintball use while emphasizing continued use as a walking trail environment by utilizing safe areas for observation and routine park use," the proposal says.

In other council news:

PROGRESS ENERGY: The council unanimously endorsed a resolution asking Progress Energy to build its new nuclear energy plant in Crystal River.

Council member Jim Farley asked about safety and environmental concerns, and how spent radioactive fuel is disposed of.

Brett Wattles, executive director of the Economic Development Council, said the nuclear power industry is highly regulated and that there would be much public discussion and government oversight if the plant were built here.

SLOW DOWN!Council member Susan Kirk is tired of vehicles, especially big trucks, zooming down Kings Bay Drive.

Police have been patrolling lately, and that helps deter speeding. But Kirk wants the council to consider going one step further: passing an ordinance banning heavy truck traffic (except when unavoidable for deliveries) on the residential street.

Staffers will work out some proposed language and bring it back to the council. Kirk's home is on Kings Bay Drive, but she emphasized that she would take up the fight no matter where she lived.

REALTICORP: The council tapped Pospiech Contracting Inc. to extend sewer service to RealtiCorp's land on U.S. 19 south of Venable Street. The price: $738,260.

CITY MANAGER: Phil Deaton has said all along that his tenure would be limited. The council has hired Public Administration Associates, of Oshkosh, Wis., to search for his successor.

NOKOMIS POINT: The planned annexation is still on track. The ordinance passed on first reading Monday; a second reading is set for Feb. 27.