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County approves more condos in complex

The County Commission voted 3-1 Tuesday to allow the Meadowcrest developer to build more condos than originally planned. A 17.3-acre portion, dubbed Summerhill at Meadowcrest, will feature 14 three-story buildings containing units ranging from about 1,200 to 1,600 square feet. The development's master plan allows for 150 attached residential units on that portion of the property. But Gulf-to-Lakes Associates asked the county to change the project's master plan to eliminate the institutional buildings and allow for 46 additional condo units. Several Meadowcrest residents at Tuesday's commission meeting said the project would cause traffic problems and be an eyesore. They criticized the proposed height of the condo buildings. "This is going to be a concrete jungle," resident Fabio Panzani said. But Inverness attorney Clark Stillwell, who represents the developer, said the project would be far less attractive if the developer was not permitted to build the three-story buildings. He said the project would meet the commission's goals of having clustered development with more open space. Commission Chairman Gary Bartell and Commissioners Dennis Damato and Jim Fowler voted for the master plan change. Commissioner Joyce Valentino voted against it.


Douglas Naylor, 33, was the victim in a stabbing on Monday. A brief in Wednesday's Citrus Times listed an incorrect name.