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Former council member prepares to run again

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Former City Council member Ginny Miller is looking to make a comeback.

A year after leaving the council because of term limits, Miller has filed the paperwork to seek another seat in the April 11 election. Council members can serve up to three consecutive two-year terms, but once they're out of office, they can run again.

"Obviously I really enjoyed the time that I spent . . . and I'm ready to come back," said Miller, 47, who teaches math at Gulf Middle School.

Miller said she wants to delve back into the city's redevelopment projects, keep tabs on the Penny for Pasco road improvements and look for partnerships with Port Richey.

She also wants to look into programs to provide more affordable housing for government employees, such as teachers, police, emergency responders and parks and public works employees.

"You have to have service workers, people who can protect your house and teach your kids and not have to drive from Hernando County to do it," Miller said Wednesday.

Miller touted her experience and institutional knowledge, even as she enters a field of council veterans. Council member Matthew McCaffery is running for re-election, and former council member Tom Finn also has thrown his hat in the ring.

The top vote-getter will snag a two-year term, while the No. 2 candidate will get the remaining year of Deputy Mayor Bob Langford's term. Langford will resign effective election day so he can run against Mayor Dan Tipton.