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Morning fog lays it on thick

Watch where you're going this morning, if you can see through the fog.

The thick fog that blanketed the Tampa Bay area on Monday could be just as bad this morning, forecasters say.

"It'll be a little bit tough," to see, said National Weather Service meteorologist Barry Goldsmith. "It'll get dense overnight."

While police reported few major accidents Monday, it probably helped that many workers were off because of President's Day.

Forecasters urge caution, especially in Pasco County and farther north, where fog could be heaviest.

The fog was created when cold, moist air blew into the area overnight. As that air cooled, it condensed into fog, Goldsmith said.

In this case, the fog likely will be around a few days.

Goldsmith said that the Tampa Bay region could have fog every morning through Friday.