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Bonds a no-show for the first full workout

The Giants gathered as a full team for the first time this year, with players getting the chance to hit, field, run and throw together as they prepare for the start of the season.

There was one notable exception - Barry Bonds was nowhere to be found.

A no-show at the first voluntary workout for position players, Bonds' agent told the team last week that because of personal issues, the star would come a day or two later than his teammates.

Players aren't required to come to spring training until Tuesday and Bonds isn't the only star to miss his team's first workout. The Red Sox gave Manny Ramirez permission to report March 1.

Giants outfielder Moises Alou said Bonds had earned the right to miss the first workout and wasn't concerned about when his teammate would arrive. "To me, he can get here whenever he feels he is ready because whenever he walks into this field he'll perform the way Barry has performed all of the time," Alou said.

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