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Council to go live in a year

(ran Seminole edition)

Live from Seminole, it's the . . . City Council!

That's right, Seminole council members decided during a recent workshop to take a chance and televise their meetings as they happen.

The live show, they said, would give residents a chance to run down to City Hall to comment on issues of particular interest.

Council members also said they might as well televise their meetings live because any tape played later would not be edited and would show whatever happened. Live TV, they said, would also avoid accusations that the tape had been edited to show only the good side of council members.

But Seminole residents still have to wait before the twice-monthly council meetings are televised. The channel should go on line in the next few weeks with news about government and community happenings. The council's meetings will be televised beginning in about a year, after all the glitches have been ironed out.