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Published Feb. 22, 2006

JROMANO: It is not easy keeping a crowd enthusiastic as they sit in bleachers in 26-degree weather waiting for an event like the bobsled, which essentially watched on the scoreboard screen because most of the course cannot be seen. So cheerleaders in ski jackets dance to American music and try desperately to get the crowd to play along. They broke out in the Village People's

YMCA Tuesday night and absolutely nailed the Y part with their arms in the air. Unfortunately, the M, C and A disintegrated into a series of convulsive hand gestures. Must have gotten lost in translation.

GSHELTON: It's a strange sport with strange outfits, so it seems natural that strange thoughts hit you as you watch the ice dancing competition. For instance: Why don't they just call it "Go Get a Room" skating? If my daughter ever takes up this sport, I'm buying a gun. What year, exactly, did Fred and Ginger win the gold? And why, oh, why do I feel an urge to slip two dollars into the garter of the competitors?