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"Office' star to sell subscriptions to new show

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. - Ricky Gervais' podcast is going commercial.

A New Jersey-based company announced Tuesday it will begin selling subscriptions to The Ricky Gervais Show next week.

Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the team behind the BBC's acclaimed comedy series The Office, launched the podcast in December. Podcasts are are audio recordings that are posted online; most are free.

The 30-minute show contains much scatological humor. It features the pair interviewing Karl Pilkington, a producer at their old radio show, about topics such as the cognitive abilities of chimpanzees and the existence of vampires and ghosts.

Wayne-based Audible said it will offer two seasons of the show - one starting Feb. 28 and one in the fall - each with at least four episodes. The podcasts will cost $1.95 per episode or $6.95 per season.

Spanish version of latest

"Potter' in stores Thursday

The wait is almost over for Spanish-speaking Harry Potter fans.

The Spanish-language edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth book in the series, will be released worldwide on Thursday.

Millions of readers snapped up Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling when it was published last July, but fans hoping to read it in other languages besides English had to wait.

The Spanish edition, Harry Potter y el Misterio del Principe, will be released worldwide in three slightly different translations - one in Spain, one in Argentina and one in Latin America. Spanish-language readers in the United States will get the non-Argentine Latin American version.

The publication of Misterio del Principe will be celebrated Thursday with a reception at Libreria Lectorum, a Spanish-language bookstore in Manhattan that is a distributor of Spanish titles and a division of Scholastic, Rowling's U.S. publisher.

Back-and-forth blasts in

Trump-Stewart battle

The bleat goes on in the rekindled Donald Trump-Martha Stewart battle.

The two pop-culture icons spent much of Tuesday in a back and forth tempest over The Apprentice.

First, the domestic diva took aim in an article in the current Newsweek; then The Donald blasted back in a letter to Martha delivered Tuesday; late Tuesday a stunned Stewart returned fire, and then later Tuesday Trump shot again in a TV interview.

In his biting letter, Trump wrote that Stewart's version of The Apprentice was "a mistake for everybody - especially NBC."

Trump was responding to Stewart's sniping to Newsweek that Martha Stewart: The Apprentice floundered last fall - canceled after one cycle - because Trump would not take his competing show off the schedule.

Her show was supposed to be the only Apprentice and was meant to start out with her firing Trump on the air, she told Newsweek, reiterating comments she'd made before.

"Having two Apprentices was as unfair to him as it was unfair to me," she said.