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School leaders and boundary lines are shifting

Boundaries are shifting. Administrators are changing schools.

Pasco County is bracing for some major changes.

On Tuesday night, the District School Board of Pasco County voted to appoint 12 administrators to new posts and to approve proposed 2006-07 school boundary changes.

Tuesday was the second and final reading and School Board action on 2006-07 attendance boundaries. The board gave its initial approval to the proposed changes Feb. 7.

In the past, boundary changes have brought with them parental uprisings and protest signs at board meetings, School Board member Marge Whaley said.

But this year, the proposed boundary changes, some of the biggest in county history, have also been some of the most peaceful.

District staff members worked closely with Pasco parents, holding forums and meetings.

The School Board voted to approve the following 12 administrative appointments:

+ Monica Ilse, the principal at James Irvin Education Center, will become principal at Land O'Lakes High School. She will replace Raymond Bonti, Pasco County's Administrator of the Year, who is the new principal of Wiregrass Ranch High School.

+ Stephen Knobl, assistant principal of Gulf Middle, will be principal of Bayonet Point Middle.

+ Ken Miesner, assistant principal at Moon Lake Elementary, will become principal at Richey Elementary School. He will replace Allison Hoskins, who will become principal of the new Trinity Oaks Elementary. The change will be effective March 13.

+ Tracy Graziaplene, the assistant principal at Schrader Elementary, will become principal of Northwest Elementary School. She will replace Renee Sedlack, who will become director of human resources. The change will be effective March 13.

+ Mardee Kay Powers, the assistant principal of Denham Oaks Elementary, will become principal of Sanders Memorial Elementary. Powers will replace Tamera Kimpland, the new principal of Oakstead Elementary. The change will be effective March 13.

+ Teresa Love, the assistant principal at Quail Hollow Elementary, will become principal at Cypress Elementary. The current principal, Carole Geibel, is retiring. The change will be effective April 3.

+ Tammy Berryhill, the assistant principal at Mittye P. Locke Elementary, will be promoted to principal effective July 1.

+ Thomas Barker will be promoted from assistant principal to principal at Shady Hills Elementary, effective March 13.

+ Maria Swanson, assistant principal of Land O' Lakes High, is being transferred to assistant principal at Wiregrass Ranch High.

+ James P. Riordan, assistant principal at Hudson Middle, will be transferred to assistant principal on assignment at Wesley Chapel High, effective today.

+ John Simon has been appointed as the internal audit and federal grants manager. He previously worked for Lee County Schools. The change is effective immediately.

+ Michael Gude is being promoted to project coordinator in the new construction department.

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