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Access to advanced classes not equal

Re: IB courses scheduled to debut in 2008, Feb. 22 Times:

Congratulations, Springstead High students! Soon you will have a better opportunity for a bright future. Harvard University and its peers will open their doors for the SHS class of 2009 valedictorian.

It's true that this will be a great windfall for your school and community, but what about the students of Central, or Nature Coast Technical, or Hernando high schools? The students of these schools are already at a disadvantage to those at Springstead as a result of Springstead's Advanced Placement Academy.

True, they have the opportunity to take valuable dual-enrollment courses through PHCC, but these are not valued nearly to the level of AP or IB classes.

So, thank you, Hernando County School Board. Thank you for the investment you have made in the future of our community. But please don't forget the tradition of Hernando High, or the pride of Central, or the promise of Nature Coast Tech.

Transferring to Springstead shouldn't be a prerequisite for greatness.

Cal Everett, Brooksville

Insurance could price out snowbirds

We are snowbirds who own a home in Spring Hill and are astonished at the rising rates of our homeowners insurance.

In the past two years the rate has risen from approximately $500 to $1,800. I am sure we are not alone in our concern that we are going to be priced out of our retirement home if the rates continue to rise at such an alarming rate. This will certainly have an affect on the Florida economy if all the snowbirds who come here from all over the U.S. and Canada can no longer afford to live in Florida when their homeowners insurance becomes higher than the taxes on their home.

We certainly hope the Legislature will devise a plan to alleviate the insurance situation as soon as possible.

Patrica Montgomery, Spring Hill

Speed bumps, trap needed for safety

I hope the deadly accident recently on W Lema Drive is a wakeup call for Sheriff Richard Nugent and county commissioners to act.

Solution: Make speed bumps from Spring Hill Drive to Linden Avenue, and set up a radar trap once a week.

All residents of Lema Drive, voice your support.

Armand Battista, Spring Hill