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Birthplace of Model T now a historic landmark

The former Ford Motor Co. Piquette Plant, the birthplace of auto pioneer Henry Ford's Model T, was designated a National Historic Landmark on Tuesday.

The Detroit plant, which was where the first Model Ts were produced and served as the automaker's home from 1904 to 1910, was designated by Interior Secretary Gale Norton. Fewer than 2,500 sites have the received the distinction.

Perhaps the most famous vehicle produced, the "Tin Lizzie" became the symbol of low-cost, reliable transportation. Before production ended in 1927, Ford sold more than 15-million Model Ts.

When you think of Quicky, do you think of chocolate or burgers?

"Quicky," the 33-year-old cartoon rabbit used on Nestle SA's chocolate drink powder, may be confused with a Belgian burger chain with a similar name and shouldn't be granted a trademark, Europe's second-highest court said Wednesday.

Nestle, the world's largest foodmaker, had appealed a ruling by the Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market, the European trademark registry in Alicante, Spain, that prevented the company from registering the Nesquik bunny because it infringed Quick Restaurants SA protections on "Quick" and "Quickies."

"Consumers in France and the Benelux have a sufficient mastery of English to understand the significance of the word "quick,"' the Luxembourg-based European Court of First Instance said in its judgment today. "In the same way, consumers with a bit of familiarity with English could make a connection between the word "quicky' and the word "quick,"' the judgment said.

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GIORGIO ARMANI, GUCCI COVETED BRANDS: Italian fashion labels Giorgio Armani and Gucci are the world's most coveted brands, according to a survey by market research company ACNielsen. One in three consumers said they would buy Armani or Gucci products if money wasn't an issue, according to a survey of 21,000 online consumers in 42 countries that was conducted by ACNielsen and obtained by Bloomberg News.

PENTHOUSE WANTS A TV CHANNEL: Penthouse Media Group Inc., shedding its reputation as Playboy's raunchier rival, plans to start a television channel this year and may go public to help finance an expansion beyond magazines. "We're looking to recreate the brand," chief executive Marc Bell said. "We plan to be live on TV on June 1." Once the channel airs, Penthouse will consider selling shares, he said.

Information from the Associated Press and Bloomberg News was used in this report.