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Published Feb. 23, 2006

We fished offshore Monday with little success. But the conditions were perfect: calm seas, decent live bait and a new boat. Randy Comans came to my rescue when I lost a lower unit and we got the opportunity to fish aboard a 34-foot Wellcraft with twin diesels owned by David Norie of Treasure Island. The boat performed very well, unlike the fish.

We started in 60 feet and moved to 65 feet and couldn't get anything to bite. After two stops and no fish we ran out to 90 feet but experienced the much of the same. There were good shows of fish, but they weren't biting.

We again moved, this time to 95 feet but there was little action. We finally relocated to 85 feet where a few fish bit and we caught only a few grunts and scamp. We had the right live and dead baits but the fish weren't cooperating. I attribute our catch to not fishing the minor or major lunar tides. We fished on a two-tide day which made for slow currents and slack tide most of the trip.

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