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Panthers-Bears baseball game doubles as fund-raiser

Panther baseball coach Jim Manos has always loved playing in the Roy Hobbs World Series. He has played off and on for 10 or so years.

Last fall, when Manos and his cousin, Dr. Ted Manos, played baseball for the Orlando Cardinals, gearing up for the Roy Hobbs World Series, they realized two of the players' wives had multiple sclerosis. They raised $10,000 with the help of corporate sponsorship, Ted Manos said.

The idea gave way to Jim Manos doing something on a smaller, more local scale at Lecanto High. When Lecanto hosts Central at 6:30 p.m. today, the teams will try to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

"It just brings life into perspective," Jim Manos said. "There are people suffering from diseases in the world. This is just one small way we can help for a cause. It brings some camaraderie for the two teams because we will have one focal point and that is to raise money."

The goal is to raise at least $500. Lecanto will hold a silent auction for two bats, one from Florida State and another signed by former Texas Ranger/Detroit Tiger, Dean Palmer.

Fans can pledge a dollar amount that will then be multiplied by the amount of runs, hits and strikeouts amassed by both teams. For information, contact Jim Manos at