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Rot blamed after two fall through floors

The structural engineering firm hired by the county to inspect the Landings at Boot Ranch West has found additional issues with rotting wood, though the firm said none of the residents is in immediate danger or needs to be evacuated.

The independent firm was hired after a resident of the apartment complex on Katherine Boulevard fell through his bathroom floor last month.

A similar incident happened in late August. In both situations, a person partly fell through bathroom flooring in first-floor apartments. The property owner, Joe Borda, said both incidents were caused by parts of plywood flooring that rotted after it got wet. County spokeswoman Marcia Crawley said Borda has been cooperating with the inspections and has been making repairs.

County officials expect to release the engineering report by the end of this week. After the January incident, Crawley said she and other county representatives handed residents letters to make them aware of the situation and to urge them to use caution in their units.

The buildings at the complex, which is west of East Lake Road and north of Tampa Road, were finished by 1998.

Six of the eight buildings are built on pilings. Rent for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is $890 a month.

After the most recent incident, Borda, president of Gulf Landings Development Corp., a general partner of Boot Ranch West, said the problems had been resolved.