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Parents critical of JROTC could use lessons it teaches

Re: Cadets on campus, Feb. 17

I thought your article on the JROTC program in Hillsborough County demonstrated very clearly two significant issues in our modern American society.

The first is that at least one curriculum in our schools today has the aim of teaching good citizenship and the obligations of our nation's citizens to preserve the freedoms we all take for granted. The second is that we have too many parents who could have used some of the lessons taught in JROTC.

Apparently, parents like those you quoted in the article as critical of the JROTC program believe that their freedom is free and should only be purchased by someone else's offspring.

Ray Calafell, Vietnam War veteran

Hyde Park

Council should work to keep Hyde Park unique

Re: Vision for a vibrant Village, Feb. 3

In 2001 when we decided to sell our home on the Manatee River and try "city" living in Tampa, there was only one area we considered, and that was Old Hyde Park.

The three main draws were the theaters within walking distance (which are what brought us to discover Hyde Park in the first place), the Wine Exchange (discovered through the theaters) and the beautiful fountain. Now that we are here, we support the retail shops, the charity events and the special events.

After speaking with some of our neighbors, it appears that we are not alone in our reasons for being here.

While we have no problems with plans for growth, and the Village has needed a gourmet market for years, perhaps it would be wise to remember what makes our area special. This is not Boston, Pasadena or West Palm Beach.

As we have seen, the fact that aquariums were outrageously successful in some parts of the country did not guarantee initial success here. The same can be said for the Harbour Island monorail.

It does not even sound like good business sense to add 270 condos and/or apartments to Hyde Park while simultaneously destroying its uniqueness.

I will urge the City Council, and Mr. Wasserman, to consider a more resident-friendly approach.

Kris Kline

Hyde Park North