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New Web site gives neighborhood details

It just got a little easier to find your way around Hillsborough County thanks to a Web site unveiled Thursday night at a community meeting in Town 'N Country.

On the county's new Web site, called the Community Atlas, residents can look up information about their neighborhood, such as when local roads will be resurfaced, the cost of local homes, crime statistics, Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores of local schools, and locations of hospitals and fire stations.

"It's one-stop shopping for local information," said Terry Johnson of the Florida Center for Design and Research at the University of South Florida. "It's bringing information at the neighborhood level."

The Web site is part of a pilot project created by the USF center, Hillsborough County Public Works Department, and the Children's Board of Hillsborough County.

"You can find out anything you want," said Steve Valdez, a spokesman for the county. "We're hoping in the future to also be able to show you where the different neighborhood service centers and parks are. And after a couple of other departments join in, we'll be able to tell what programs are being offered at various parks and senior centers."

Residents can check on everything from stormwater improvements to the last time roads were resurfaced, and when they will be worked on again. They can find where lakes are in the county as well as their water quality.

Valdez said the data was culled from 830 homeowners associations and communities as well as the Census Bureau, the school system and the sheriff's office.

"All you do is punch in an address and it shows you the neighborhood the address is in," Valdez said.

The site, which has links to numerous other Web sites, also is interactive, allowing users to contribute to the overall site.

"You'll be able to view it at the community and neighborhood level as well as countywide," Johnson said. "And you'll be able to contribute things like photos and data."


Hillsborough County's new Community Atlas Web site address is www.hillsborough.