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Published Feb. 25, 2006


MOSUL: At a restaurant near a police station, a suicide bomber kills at least six restaurant patrons and wounds six more.

BAGHDAD: A man wearing a suicide vest blows himself up on a bus in Kadimiya, a bustling Shiite neighborhood, killing at least 12 and wounding 15, most of them Shiite commuters. A nearby traffic policeman is also killed.

BAGHDAD: A homemade bomb detonates near a group of Shiite day-laborers, wounding 20 of them.

NIBAI DISTRICT: Five truck drivers are killed in the area north of Baghdad and four wounded when their convoy supplying building materials to American forces was attacked.

BUHRUZ: A hospital official is shot dead in this town north of Baghdad.

DIYALA BRIDGE AREA: A car bomb explodes near an Iraqi official's convoy south of Baghdad, killing two of his guards and wounding 11 civilians.


BAGHDAD: A car bomb in a bustling market kills at least 21 people and wounded dozens more, most of them women and children.


SAMARRA: The signature golden dome of the Askariya Shrine is reduced to rubble by explosives about 7 a.m.

BAGHDAD: Shiite militia members open fire on Sunni mosques. By Wednesday's end, mobs strike 27 Sunni mosques, killing three imams and kidnapping a fourth.

SAMARRA: The bodies of three Sunni journalists are found.

BAQUBAH: Gunmen kill 47 civilians and leave their bodies in a ditch.

HAWIJAH: The U.S. military announces the deaths of four soldiers from a roadside bombing.

BALAD: The U.S. military announces the deaths of three soldiers northeast of the city.

Troop training

The number of Iraqi army battalions judged by their American trainers to be capable of fighting the insurgency without U.S. help has slipped from one to none since September, Pentagon officials said Friday. But the number of Iraqi battalions capable of leading the battle, with U.S. troops in a support role, has grown by nearly 50 percent. And the number of battalions actually engaged in combat has increased by 11 percent. The Pentagon report to Congress was written last week, before the bombing of a Shiite shrine and a wave of deadly reprisal attacks.