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Counteroffer's quality can help your decision

No doubt you're a talented, valuable member of your company's work force. Perhaps you've been approached about a new position, or have been perusing more interesting or lucrative career pastures.

Would your current employer seek to keep you? The world of counteroffers is a tricky beast, advises the Creative Group, a temp-staffing company in Menlo Park, Calif.

What to do? The agency offers a few questions that might help clarify the situation for you:

+ Why are they offering? Is their counteroffer because you're a truly vital cog in a successful machine or just because they'll be in a lurch if you leave?

+ What work do you do? A better salary or new title won't much help if you're still feeling stuck with horrendous assignments or have gotten into a career impasse in your current job.

+ What's the outlook? Have you requested, with justification, a raise or promotion and been denied? The best employers promote talented people on staff and compensate them fairly on a consistent basis, not just when they're forced to do so.