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Housing planned for homeless

UNIVERSITY AREA: ACTS Inc. wants to build housing for the homeless in the university area, on 17th Street

ACTS Assisted Living Facility would be built to house 15 homeless people. The building would include a library, computer room, baths, laundry facilities, and recreational and community areas to promote interaction between the residents.

Residents of the facility would be on a one-year renewable lease, and would pay 30 percent of their income. To live in the facility, residents would have to be chronically homeless, which is defined as having a debilitating condition, and who have been homeless for one year continuously or at least four times in three years. (Petition 06-0798)

TOWN 'N COUNTRY: An already approved large commercial development in Town 'N Country may be getting even bigger.

If commissioners approve T.L. Hunt Inc.'s request, a 7.5-acre parcel will be added to the approved 37-acre planned development at Old Memorial Highway and Race Track Road. When completed, the land will hold 126,000 square feet of office space, a tire store, a bank, a NAPA Auto Parts store and a leasing office.

If the additional acreage is approved, it will be used for back-up parking and an additional two buildings. (Petition 06-0714)

CARROLLWOOD: More housing could soon go up in Carrollwood, on Moran Road and Bay Lake Lane.

The 5-acre tract, on Little Bay Lake, contains just one single-family home. If the project gets commissioner's approval, it will soon hold six duplex townhomes and six single-family homes. (Petition 06-0715)

CITRUS PARK: A developer is asking to build townhomes in Citrus Park. If Ernesto Roman Gonzalez gets approval, 256 townhomes will go up on Gonzalez Lake Drive. (Petition 06-0716)

CITRUS PARK: Maria Ostrander wants to convert residential property on Gunn Highway into an office. She claims that the widening of Gunn Highway will make the site unsuitable to use for a residence. (Petition 06-0743)

TOWN 'N COUNTRY: Property on Sligh Avenue and Benjamin Road may soon be getting a makeover.

Steve Kohn is applying to rezone a plot of land, which is zoned for agricultural use, into a light industrial use. If he gets the rezoning, it will allow manufacturing and assembly, wholesaling, warehousing, and limited retail uses on the land. (Petition 06-0751)

CARROLLWOOD: Another plot of land, this one on Linebaugh and Anderson roads, may receive a similar change. Robert-Val Inc. wants to convert land there from agricultural use to manufacturing use. (Petition 06-0752)

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