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"If my neighbor wants to paint his house purple, I don't want anybody going over and saying "I don't want that.'... I'm concerned about people moving down here and turning this into another Carrollwood."

Debbi Rapp, an Interbay resident who was worried that starting a neighborhood association would lead to the sort of deed restrictions common to suburbs and erode the area's individuality.

"Mayor Pam did bring it back on the table and to a successful conclusion. ... We are overlooking the park, overlooking the river, overlooking Henry B. Plant and have a huge prsence on Ashley. It's exactly what we wanted all along."

Cornelia Corbett, chairwoman of the Tampa Art Museum, crediting Mayor Pam Iorio for brokering a deal to move the museum into the Pavilion, the cube-shaped office complex at the corner of Ashley Drive and Kennedy Boulevard downtown.

"All I could figure was it was some of my grandkids."

Emmett Evans, 91, who suffers from poor eyesight and hearing, explaining why he opened his door and admitted three young people who pretended to know him. Once inside, they robbed him, making off with the three dollars he had in his wallet.