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Leader's Net habit signals disrespect

Re: "May I have your attention, please?', Feb. 26

Regarding Commissioner Ted Schrader surfing the Web while crucial business was before the commission, he should be ashamed.

Those of us who have Aloha Utilities have been making every effort to get the black water cleaned up. Obviously, it was not important to the commissioner because he was at checking air fares. I hope that when it is time for his re-election, his constituents will remember his lack of interest in the public need.

Schrader's quote that he can do two things at once has nothing to do with his total disrespect for the people who voted him into office.

Surf the Web on your own time, Mr. Schrader.

Sayward and Barbara Sherburne, Trinity

Mulieri a very accessible leader

Re: "May I have your attention, please?', Feb. 26

I read your article with interest. I live in Land O'Lakes and have frequently communicated via e-mail with Commissioner Pat Mulieri during the last three years. So of course, anything with her name in it piqued my curiosity.

I completely agree that using government property for personal use, whether during a public meeting or otherwise, is something that should be exposed and corrected. Based on the types of sites and the number of visits, it is clear that your researchers have done a thorough job. For your report to not only be factually accurate but also professionally responsible, I would encourage the Times to offer more detail on Mulieri's 11 minutes checking an e-mail account. Having a browser open and on an inbox window does not imply that the user is actively working on the computer, let alone watching the screen. The statement in your article implies that Mulieri was using the computer for 11 minutes - an unfair characterization when reading about Commissioner Ted Schrader's abuses.

Furthermore, because Pasco County was slow to adopt a systemwide employee e-mail system with external e-mail access, Mulieri has been using her personal America Online e-mail account to keep in contact with her constituents. Consequently, many Pasco residents, myself included, have used her e-mail address as our only means for direct contact with Mulieri.

I have at least a dozen e-mails, nearly all of which were sent to me from Mulieri after 5 p.m. and on weekends, answering county-related questions. I would be happy to provide a record of these e-mails as proof. I think it is extremely unfair to lump Mulieri together with Schrader. While you do state that he accounted for all but 40 of 708 pages visited, to have her name (and photo) in with such a report, especially when all she was doing was checking her only link to resident e-mails, is unwarranted.

Ironically, had the county been proactive and offered her an effective e-mail account that could be used to communicate with residents, and she was checking that e-mail address, it would have been completely acceptable.

I encourage you, in the name of fairness, to print a followup to help explain that Mulieri was regularly using her AOL account to supplement her work account. Of all of my previous dealings with government personnel, Mulieri is, hands down, the most proactive, accommodating and accessible representative ever. This article truly was a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Eric Campbell, Land O'Lakes